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Inward/Outward Bound April 28, 2021
Welcome to our bi-weekly edition of curated items which we hope will interest you.

We have retitled it Inward/Outward Bound to reflect the increasing number of Outward activities available.

During this last year of Pandemic lockdown, quarantines, staying at home, we have concentrated on things which we hoped would be informative, uplifting and entertaining – from your home.
Now, with vaccination rates increasing, and more and more venues opening up, we want to expand our offerings to include some of these opportunities.

Let's rejoice in expanding our horizons. Enjoy!
Adorable Cat and Dog Share The Same Fur Colors
Another cat video? 
Yes, but this one includes a dog, too, and they have amazingly similar
Item -- Moose licking cars. 
At last, a problem that we don’t have: Canadians ask drivers not to let Moose lick their cars.

You will be able to find open restaurants easily, so we want to share other kinds of venues and openings here.

Complete list: Here is a comprehensive site for checking out what is open and available.
And here are some selected items which you may find useful and interesting as you move outward.
Note, many of these venues still have virtual tours as well.
Broadway and Off-Broadway
Lincoln Center – Restart Stages
The Metropolitan Museum  
The Bronx Zoo.
Visit your furry and other friends.

American Museum of Natural History
The Frick Madison at the old Whitney Museum. 
While the Frick Museum is undergoing renovations.
And don’t forget to click on “Cocktails with the Curator” to see current and past sessions!

Guggenheim Museum
The Tenement Museum. 
Now offering limited indoor access, and many virtual sessions.
Prospect Park in Brooklyn

Movie Theaters which are open and their schedules.
Little boy to his Mom:
“If it’s true that we come from dust and return to dust, there is someone under my bed either coming or going.”
Inward Bound  April 14, 2021
Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope to lift your spirits and provide good cheer
It’s April, and the flowers are starting to come up

 The name April is derived from the Latin word aperit which means to open. April is the month when flowers and trees begin to open.

The bright color palette made by daffodils, iris, tulips and azalea is especially welcome this year. The early spring flowers encourage us to look ahead --- to the bounty of summer --- and a long awaited return to some of our favorite activities.
Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes | Short Film Showcase
Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes

FLOWERS CAN DANCE!!! Amazing nature/ Beautiful blooming flower time lapse video
Flowers bring Art to Life at The National Gallery London
Flowers Bring Art to Life at The National Gallery London
George Balanchine´s The Nutcracker - Waltz of the Flowers
George Balanchine´s The Nutcracker - Waltz of the Flowers
Judy Garland - April Showers
Judy Garland - April Showers
It Might As Well Be Spring
It Might As Well Be Spring
(State Fair)
Only Rogers and Hammerstein song to win an Oscar
Willie Nelson - First Rose of Spring (Official Lyric Video)
Willie Nelson - First Rose of Spring 
BEST FRITTATA RECIPE | with vibrant spring vegetables
How Do Trees Know When It's Spring?
How Do Trees Know When It's Spring?
Winston Churchill - Prime Minister | Mini Bio | BIO

Celebrate National Winston Churchill Day, April 9.
Prime Minister of England | Mini Bio
Earlier Issues of Inward Bound

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We start with the women (of course) and end with two glorious dances of exuberance and joy!
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This “Breathless” edition of Inward Bound  has videos that will take your breath away! From staggering beauty to extraordinary effort or difficulty to simply joyful delights, we hope to lift your spirits and provide good cheer. 
Of course, we must start with the trailer for possibly the greatest French movie ever made: “Breathless.” 
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History and Other Diversions
Through this year in Pandemic mode we've tried to bring interesting ways of looking outside while staying inside. 
We think that there is finally light at the end of this tunnel. . .
Inward Bound February 17, 2021
Remember When....
As we have settled in at home, our screens have become our “go to” for maintaining connections. 24/7 we can reach for our TVs, phones or tablets --- to laugh and have fun with friends and family, to meet and carry on the work of TTN and our other organizations, to learn about almost anything and, of course, to be entertained. Clearly, screens contribute to our well-being and resilience.
Remember when you raced home to see your favorite TV show? When seeing the latest movie was the highlight of a weekend? In this edition of Inward Bound we invite you to travel back in time and enjoy some gems from the Golden Age of Television and Movies. 

Inward Bound February 3, 2021
Fun and Surprises

It’s a crazy time. One thing for certain is that it’s always time for laughter, surprises and fun. 
This Inward Bound showcases smart funny women and tiny girls who capture the moment....
Surprises are always great, especially when you're shopping.
And ascribing to the dictum of saving the best for the last, check out the amazing and uplifting video of great women.

Inward Bound January 20, 2021
Chasing the Blues....
celebration of joy

We’ve turned the page to 2021. We’re doing our best to stay safe and keep a positive attitude.
Right now, we all could use a bit of laughter and lightness. Take a moment to chase away the blues.
Follow the links below for some giggles, distraction and fun.

Inward Bound January 6, 2021
The best of....

Last April we began Inward Bound to lift our spirits in the throes of the pandemic.
It's time to LIFT again! Hang in TTN'ers.  A new year and a new challenge.
Herewith, a look back at a selection of our many favorites from past issues, as we look forward to better days ahead. 

Inward Bound December 16, 2020
Not Bah-Humbug

Before you say “Bah, humbug,” here are some ways to find fun and celebration this holiday season.

Inward Bound December 2, 2020
Celebration of joy

This Inward Bound is a celebration of joy and happiness through different musical mediums, classical and pop. So, grab a cuppa tea or something stronger and enjoy. But please, if you cannot resist the impulse to get up and dance, DO IT, but just be careful!

Inward Bound November 18, 2020
It's NOVEMBER, and who thought we would STILL be in quarantine? But here we are. So, we decided to go all out for an eclectic, zany mixture for this INWARD BOUND; and end with a thrilling joyful noise.

Inward Bound November 4, 2020
In this issue of Inward Bound, we invite you to relax and unwind. Leave the stress behind and walk along the beach, take in art and just have some fun.

Inward Bound October 21, 2020
Distraction by Funny Bone
Because the times are so stressful, we felt that we could all use some - no, Lots - of distraction. 
So this edition of IB is devoted to distraction by funny bone. We hope our selections will help to raise spirits and get you laughing. It's great for the body and soul.

Inward Bound October 7, 2020
Truly Inspiring Individuals
In this issue of Inward Bound, we present a cross section of truly amazing individuals -- young and old, professional and amateur, men and women - all of whom have made contributions to our world and our collective psyches.


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