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Welcome to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter includes the seven county metropolitan area that includes Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Washington, Carver, Scott, Wright and Anoka.

For information on our new and growing chapter, please contact us at

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter is connecting women and helping them make the most out of their "50 years and forward" transition journey. While every woman's situations may be varied, we can all learn and find support from other women who are also experiencing change.

We are constantly reaching out to as many women as possible to make connections and planning as many events as we can.  We already have active Special Interest Groups and are now in the process of creating more Transition Peer Groups. For more information about the Minneapolis/St. Paul Group, please contact Steering Committee Chair Jill Goski at  

          Chair: Jill Goski  

July at a Glance  

All TTN activities must comply with current CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines regarding Covid. We further rely on each member to be responsible for her own health, safety and comfort level. Each TTN SIG and Peer Group should be sensitive to the needs and wishes of all of their members as decisions regarding in-person meetings are made.

Join us for upcoming chapter events ----

Wednesday, July 7 -
 Wellness Wednesday: Gentle Yoga

Thursday, July 15 - TTN MSP July Virtual Get Connected

Thursday, July 22 - New Member Orientation

Wednesday, July 28 - TTN MSP Wellness Wednesday: Yin Yoga
Wednesday, August 11 - TTN MSP Wellness Wednesday: Chakras


Thanks to Caring Collaborative Planning Committee and Welcome to Tracey Baker and Kathleen Peterson as Co-Leads for newly Launched Caring Collaborative Program
Submitted by Jill Goski 

In September 2019, as Chapter Chair, I convened seven MSP TTN members to explore the Caring Collaborative Programs in other TTN Chapters to determine whether to create a Caring Collaborative for our Chapter. This committee met monthly and consulted representatives from other TTN Chapters who had created Caring Collaboratives. A special thank you to Janet Mandelstam from San Francisco, Carol Lioz from Long Island, and Barbara Stahura, Barbara Alpern, and Sally Dougan from New York who generously provided wonderful information and resources from over two decades of experience with their Caring Collaborative Programs. Based on these resources and our own resourcefulness, we planned to launch a pilot for our Chapter Caring Collaborative in May/June 2020. However, the pandemic changed our plan and timeline.

We recognized we needed to go back to the drawing board and reconsider what type of services would be safe to offer during a major global health challenge. Our contacts in New York and Long Island were generous to share with us how their Caring Collaborative services were adjusted during the pandemic and we had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Santa Fe and Chicago Chapters who were also exploring the development of Caring Collaborative Programs in their chapters.

We began with offering Health and Wellness programs in the summer of 2020. These programs were well-attended and increased the visibility of the Caring Collaborative efforts. On May 1, 2021 we launched the MSP Caring Collaborative Service Corps and Member Information Exchange (MIX) with 30 members. This could not have been accomplished without the contributions of the entire Caring Collaborative Planning Committee. Please join me in thanking committee members who worked with me: Tracey Baker, Nancy Bargsten, bj Christy, Julie Efta, Jean Forrey, Kathleen Peterson, Marilynne Roberts, Janis Weller, and Karen West. Karen and bj resigned about a year ago and Marilynne and Jean joined shortly thereafter. 

Since the Caring Collaborative is a Service Program requiring response to member requests within a short period of time, it is critical to ensure the program operates as expected. The continuing members of the Caring Collaborative Planning Committee, Tracey, Nancy, Julie, Jean, Kathleen, Marilynne, Jan and I will continue supporting operations of the Caring Collaborative as the Caring Collaborative Advisory Committee. Tracey Baker and Kathleen Peterson have graciously and generously agreed to serve as Co-Leads for our Caring Collaborative Program. Please read more about Kathleen and Tracey in their bios in the Leadership Team folder.

We Need YOU–Please Complete Upcoming Survey
Submitted by Terri Evans, Jill Goski, and Debra Dorgan

Soon you will see an email from our Programs Committee seeking your thoughts via a short, but important survey. We’ll ask for your input regarding the signature TTN program titled Women in Transition (WIT) workshop. WIT is a highly interactive half-day program designed to allow participants to explore transitions, new possibilities, and to create their own “next steps”. The workshop includes a review of the concept of transition as opposed to change, and structured discussions to encourage personal reflection and interactive learning.

WIT was most recently offered by our Chapter three years ago. You can help the Programs Committee determine current membership interest in attending this program, preferred timing, whether you would prefer virtual or in-person attendance, and whether or not you participated previously. After all, new changes happen all the time, and the pandemic added an entirely new set of challenges!

Beyond asking about WIT, this survey will also ask you about other planned and potential topics for special events. As a member of our vibrant MSP chapter, your ideas, experiences, and connections can make an enormous difference.

When you receive the survey, please open and complete it right away, and thank you in advance!


Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter

July 15, 2021
Get Connected July
On Thursday, July 15, eight women gathered for our July Get Connected event. After checking in with each other to see how we were doing, we began a discussion on - name one thing that you brought along on a trip that saved the day. There was, naturally, lots of discussion and laughter and many ideas were shared: clothespins and duct tape to seal close the draperies in hotel rooms, my own pillow, washcloths and hand towels, hot water bottle, corkscrew, adapters, clorox wipes, safety pins, night light, dirty clothes bag, extra small camera and batteries, personal fan, and many more.Read more...

Nine TTN women and 3 friends (each boat holds 6 people) planned an excursion on the Minneapolis Water Taxi on one of the 2 rainy days in July- seriously??? The water taxi company only cancels if it is stormy so 4 TTN women and 1 friend decided to brave the elements and were rewarded with clear skies and even some sun as we were parking our cars at Boom Island Park. We had a great time with a little wine and lots of laughs as the captain regaled us with some insights and sights on the river and we had fun getting to know each other better too! The heron rookery was also a delight!
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Thirty women met at a member’s delightful home and garden on Saturday, June 26, for the Women Weaving Words event. We enjoyed visiting in person, playing some games and considering how stories get made. Two local artists - Sue Scott and Lorna Landvik - were also invited to share their personal insights.Read more...

Seventeen women gathered to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our TTN chapter during the June Get Connected event. Although many women have been meeting for longer than two years, rising membership numbers allowed us to ‘make it official’ two years ago. What a milestone! Memories, gratitude for TTN and a lot of laughter were shared by all attendees.
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On May 26, Wellness Wednesday was shared by eight women under a brilliant blue sky in a grove of beautiful green trees, where we enjoyed a peaceful hour learning about and practicing the principles of Tai Chi with master teacher Colin Snow of Natural Step Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation with many benefits for physical and emotional health. We learned about Tai Chi Principles of Opening, Releasing, and Grounding and then played with some simple but powerful movements to enhance these concepts. We left our session relaxed, focused, and yes, more grounded too.Read more...

On the evening of May 19, our chapter hosted a 90- minute presentation featuring professional makeup artist Elise Marquam-Jahns who specializes in helping women 50+ look on the outside how they feel on the inside.  Thirty-one women from our chapter as well as from other chapters across the country attended.  

Since many of us have adopted a more casual, minimalist approach to fashion and makeup during the past year, Elise shared with us how to take our makeup look “up a notch” by focusing on four research-proven makeup techniques that help those of us over 50 look our best.  Following her presentation, she answered many questions about makeup techniques, products and tools and removed the makeup on one side of her face to demonstrate the dramatic difference that using these four techniques can make.Read more...

On May 15, nineteen TTN MSP members connected via Zoom for an original two-hour program called “Unmasking Our Truth: Pondering the Pandemic and Forecasting Our Future.” We began with a quiz to determine the level at which we had curtailed participation in everyday activities such as riding an elevator or attending a wedding in person. We reviewed “transitions” as defined by William Bridges in TTN’s signature “Women in Transitions” program. Several articles about the meaning of, and/or emerging from the pandemic were provided to participants to read prior to the workshop. We took a closer look at “15 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us” from the March 2021 AARP bulletin, and “In Their Own Words, Americans Describe the Struggles and Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Pandemic” from the Pew Research Center – March 17, 2021. Each review included lively small group discussions followed by large group sharing. Participants left with a better idea of what they would choose to carry forward from this once in a lifetime event. We ended with a beautiful reading of And the People Stayed Home by Kitty O’Meara.Read more...

May 11, 2021
Get Connected May
On Tuesday, May 11, six women gathered for our May Get Connected event. After checking in with each other to see how we were doing, we began a discussion on the topic - how do you pamper yourself? All of us spoke about the importance of self care especially during this time of Covid. Pampering is vital to well-being - for yourself and for those around you. Some of the ways in which we pamper ourselves are massages, skin care creams, outdoor walks with nature, spending time with family, meditation, yoga, exercising, reading and sitting around an outdoor fire. Also picking one thing we want to do for fun each day.  
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On April 21, 7 women met up at various points on the trail, and were refreshed by taking in the forest atmosphere of Reservoir Woods Park in Roseville. We started by taking a slow walk down a forested hill, lingered at a deck overlook with good conversation, and ate a few nibbles of croissants from La Delicious Bakery. Then we walked on at a faster pace, circled McCarrons Lake, appreciated Villa Park songbirds, crossed Dale Street and again entered the forest sanctuary while one member carried a small picnic basket the distance. It was a wondrous 2-hour experience of nature, friends and calm. We felt embraced, protected, and appreciative. Write yourself a nature prescription soon! 20 minutes a day is recommended for physiological and psychological benefits. Invite a friend or enjoy solitude. We plan to offer more ecotherapy soon.

“Every now and then Piglet gave a little skip and sang, Tra-la, it’s spring.”  A.A. Milne
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April 15, 2021
Get Connected April

On Thursday April 15, seven women gathered for our April Get Connected event. After checking in with each other to see how we were doing, we began a fun and lively discussion on the topic of favorite shoes. A good dose of shoe ‘show and tell’ was thrown in which made this a fun and informative gathering. Attendees mentioned these shoe brands:  Dansko, New Balance (great for wider feet), Merrell, Paul Green, Donald Pliner (very cute!), Oboz, Birkenstocks, FitFlops, VANELi, Bernie Mev, Propet and the beloved by many Haflinger slippers. Schuler Shoes got a shout out for being a good resource for consultation and shopping for shoes. Each participant also shared a favorite shoe story that was fun to hear.  

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April 7 was World Health Day. Members were encouraged to watch and listen to various speakers presented as a virtual symposium by Global Minnesota. The Theme this year was: Crossing Borders Builds Health Equity. Some of the borders crossed were countries, continents, political viewpoints, work roles, and class, gender, race and age. This global perspective of speakers and ideas stressed the need to partner, and the social and economic benefits of tackling world health at the strategic level. Check out Global Minnesota on utube to learn more.
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On March 31, TTN member Mary White gave an excellent presentation on Finding Joy and Contentment. We learned that joy and contentment are innate qualities which do not have to be learned. In stressful times or anytime, they are just one thought away. In times of panic or chaos, just do the next thing. Try not to overthink, or control/fix too much. Peace is always available. Awareness and acknowledgement of this helps. As does a focus on breathing in the moment. May we all feel more carefree, blissful, unfettered, curious, creative, open, spacious, grounded, loved, calm, free, connected, and in the flow and in the moment. Thank You, Mary!
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March 22, 2021
Get Connected March
On March 22, eleven women gathered for our March Get Connected event. After a group check-in where we each shared how things were going in our new, hopefully soon to become fully vaccinated, world we launched into our topic for the evening: What is the favorite place you have visited in Minnesota or Wisconsin? There seemed to be a tie between our love of the North Shore and of driving along the Mississippi River toward Lake Pepin on either the Wisconsin or Minnesota side of the river. Other places mentioned were Paoli Wisconsin, New Ulm Minnesota (with a special shout out to the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame located there) and biking along the Root River in SE Minnesota. We now have many great ideas of places to go once we are vaccinated and feeling a bit more adventurous.
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On March 20, a large group of TTN members met at Como Park’s Labyrinth and Frog Pond for an Awe Walk and Celebration of the Vernal Equinox. This was TTN’s first live event in more than a year and the first live event ever for some new members. It was a beautiful day and we were giddy meeting in person and trying to recognize women wearing masks, sunglasses, and hats!!  It was almost like a Halloween costume party with only our voices to identify each other. A few women also wore special spring green coats which added to our delight. We will continue to collaborate with the Urban Hiking group and Wellness Wednesday programing. Enjoy Spring!Read more...

On March 18, guest speaker Marica Anderson, author of A Bag Worth a Pony: The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag talked about work on her book after years of research, to 28 virtual participants. Marcia explained the history, forms, structure, and motifs of the bags and a bag’s makeup and meaning. Her presentation included slides of the beautiful illustrations in the book of the bags and she shared her insights on the master bead workers from Minnesota's Indian reservations. The lecture illuminated the spectacular beaded bags made by the Ojibwe of Minnesota from the past and now how the history and importance of the bags are carried on by current artisans.  
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On March 10, new TTN MSP member, Paula Sevenich, introduced 15 women to essential oils. We learned about the many scents and specific uses for each type of oil. Her presentation elicited many questions and lots of enthusiasm from the group. We were interested in help with breathing, relief from aches and pains and allergies, restful sleep, increasing energy, relaxing, improving immune function and digestion, helping our pets and more.

For more information send an email to Paula.Sevenich@gmail.comRead more...

On March 3, due to popular demand, life coach Susan Temple gave a second presentation on Tapping also known as EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique. Susan led us through the process and we practiced severaltimes to discover how effective the technique can be in improving our lives. She shared a quote from Louise Haye:  "You can’t clean house if you don’t see the dirt.”  For more information, send an email to: lifecoachsusantemple@gmail.comRead more...

February 8, 2020
Home Sweet Home
Twenty-one women attended the winter quarterly program and learned valuable information from Della Johnson, TTN member and realtor, and Laurie Wrobel, Senior Move Manager and owner of Clutter 911.Read more...

On Saturday, September 7, fifteen women enjoyed a lovely morning at Debra's home in Circle Pines. Debra had invited Mary Jo Meadow to talk with us about mindfulness. Mary Jo is 83 years young and has been engaged in teaching mindfulness for over 30 years. She was a delightful woman and helped us understand the benefits of practicing mindfulness. We also enjoyed a potluck brunch and shared wellness tips. Thanks to Debra for hosting this lovely event.Read more...

On Saturday, July 13, 19 women gathered at Terri’s home in St. Michael for a Garden Party. It was a warm summer day and we sat in the shade of her backyard. Terri, Deb and Grace had organized a party with an Italian theme and everything planned matched the theme. This included the activities, the food, the online cooking demonstration, the decorations – even the wine and non-alcoholic beverages were from Italy. We appreciated the stimulating activities and the opportunity to connect with women we know and others who were new to us. It was a relaxing yet engaging event to savor. Thanks to Terri for opening her home and hosting this event.Read more...

We were honored to have TTN Executive Director, Susan Collins, join us for our May 18 Celebration and get to know the wonderful women of our chapter better. We also were very excited to have Lorna Landvik join us for the afternoon and be our keynote speaker.Read more...

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