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Transition Peer Groups

Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) (TPGs) are small groups who meet to discuss topics from career transitions to changing family relationships to the benefits and challenges of aging. Each group selects its own topics and shares group facilitation and guidance. TTN provides resources to help these groups get started and flourish. There is always an opportunity for a formation of new peer groups in a different geographic location and/ or around specific topics. If you are interested in joining or starting a TPG, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at


Peer groups are great opportunities to connect with other TTN members to explore and discuss the transitions we are experiencing at this point in our lives. Informational meetings were held in September in the south and west metro areas to explore interest in starting peer groups. A new daytime group has formed in the west metro. We are still pursuing the possibility of a south metro and/or evening west metro group. If you have questions, please contact Barbara O’Sullivan at

- submitted by Sylvia Moen

The group met on October 10 to discuss the benefits of writing, led by Julie. Writing can be beneficial to record events, emotions, and personal histories. Writing is good for keeping organized and for personal reflection. We discussed methods of journaling and the kinds of things we write (ex: diaries, journals, letters to friends, lists.) Some of us keep letters to and from other people and can see how we've changed over time. We discussed grief about death, divorce, and how each person copes in their own way.
We talked about legacy letters, something to leave behind. One member had a relative who wrote an outline of family history and events in her life in chronological order, creating verbal snapshots of her life over time. Or these letters can share wisdom. One member said it was important not just to tell your story, but also to have it received.
The group ended with a word exercise. We wrote the word "write" across and up and down, and added a word or phrase for each letter. We then went around the table and it was surprising to see the different ideas each person had.
November 14, Highland Library, 10:15 AM. Topic: what does spirituality look like to you, led by Nancy.

Please contact Eleni Skevas at if you are interested in joining this group.

TRANSITION PEER GROUP - Living with Purpose
- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

The Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group met October 24 at the Roseville Library. Janet Mandelstam, one of the founding members of the San Francisco TTN Chapter, was our guest. She shared her experience of years of involvement with TTN in multiple chapters around the country. Janet grew up in Minnesota and is considering returning here, with our TTN chapter as a big draw! As a group we shared "How where we grew up influenced who we became and how we are now; as well as where we are going." This was a meaningful way for us to get to know each other on a deeper level and building trust and confidence within our group. About half of the group grew up in Minnesota and has always lived here. Others grew up around the country and ended up in the Twin Cities for a variety of reasons. We all agreed the Twin Cities is a vibrant community and we enjoy living here. However, most of us agreed that we no longer enjoy winter and want a travel budget to escape someplace warm in those cold dark winter months. 
Several members from our group attended the October 10 event with Lori Palm on Passion and Purpose and more of us plan to attend the Find Your Passion event November 9. Since this topic is so closely connected to our group's focus, we plan to continue to build on what we learn, especially from the CorePassion® Assessment. However, attending these sessions is not necessary to participate in our TPG discussions. At our November meeting, we will share other similar tools we may have used over the years to help identify our passions leading towards our purpose. We plan to discuss what energizes us, our continued journey towards purpose, and how we can support each other. 
With upcoming holidays, our group will meet on Thursday, November 21, at the Shoreview Library and Thursday, December 19, at Maplewood Library. So please mark your calendars! In January we will be back on track to meet the fourth Thursday of each month. Meetings are from 6:30-8:00 PM. 
For more information or questions, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at

 - submitted by JeNell Jacobson

We are delighted to announce the West Metro TPG will be launched on November 4th at 1:00 PM in the conference room at the Plymouth Hennepin County Library at 15700 36th Ave N, Plymouth. Janis Weller will lead our group in a conversation on holistic self-care and we’ll share some of our favorite tips and activities to promote well-being. Janis is a nationally certified health and wellness coach. TTN members from across the metro are invited to consider participation in our group. This TPG will meet on the first Monday of the month. For more information or questions, contact Barbara O’Sullivan at