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Currently there are three Transition Peer Groups (TPG): two daytime groups in the east and west metro area and an evening east metro group. Each group has a unique focus. Check out each group's description in this newsletter. All groups welcome new members. Peer groups focus on mutual support and encouragement in an environment of confidentiality, compassion, and respect. We continue to explore opportunities to add new peer groups either geographically or by topic.

If you are a TTN member interested in joining an existing TPG, please let the contact person for that group know. If you have ideas or questions about convening a new TPG, please contact Barbara at

Just a friendly reminder: We always welcome new women to check out our TPGs along with our many social occasions and programs. Please remember that non-members are welcome to attend SIGs & TPGs for a maximum of two times after which, per national policy, women are required to become a member of TTN to continue SIG/TPG participation.

- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

Women Who Work Transition Peer Group (TPG) is currently on pause as we continue to recruit new members. If you have an interest in joining this group, are interested in taking a leadership position with the group as a co-lead, or have questions, please contact Barbara at with questions or to receive the zoom link. 

- submitted by Sylvia Mohn

We had planned to meet in person outdoors in June, but due to the heat we met via Zoom. The planned topic was summer expeditions, but we spent most of the time on check-ins and touched on the topic briefly at the end. 
We reflected on the approaching return to a more normal life and changes we've made during the pandemic we hope to keep in the future. Examples include consolidating shopping trips, enjoying a slower pace of life, changed family relationships, pushing ourselves more to reach out to people. It seems strange to walk into a store or hug someone. We discussed our ancestors and wanted to learn about their stories and the ways they navigated their lives. What motivated our ancestors to leave where they were? 
We talked about how the world of things has exploded during our lifetimes, with the influx of stuff from abroad, and how Millennials have grown up with endless quantities of stuff. They don't want new stuff to add to garbage dumps, they're interested in recycling and reusing. Stuff doesn't mean that much to them; there's no scarcity. One member talked about getting rid of 2/3 of her possessions when she moved two years ago and has no regrets.
We talked about upcoming travel plans, within the state and abroad. One person will try a new thing, a cruise with her siblings even though she's not a cruise ship type.
On Thursday, July 8, at 10:00 AM, we'll try meeting in person again, at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony. Topic: Whatever seems relevant to our lives on that day.

All Minneapolis/St. Paul TTN members are welcome. We meet the second Thursday of the month from 10:00 AM-Noon.

Please contact Eleni Skevas at if you are interested in joining this group.

TRANSITION PEER GROUP - Living with Purpose
- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

Our Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group (TPG) will take a summer break for July and August to enjoy the warm weather and to take advantage of the other TTN activities.

All Minneapolis/St. Paul TTN members are welcome. We meet the fourth Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00 PM. 
For more information or questions, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at

 - submitted by Jean Forrey

The West Metro group continues to meet on the first Monday of the month, and although Monday, July 5, is officially a holiday, we will meet then. Our meetings have been scheduled for 2 hours but we decided that we will meet from 1:00-2:30 PM. As far as we know, the libraries are still not scheduling their meeting rooms, but ZOOM seems to be adequate for us at this time.

In June, we were planning to discuss 3 things that we are looking forward to pursuing now that things are opening up, but our discussion rambled as it is apt to do. We have found that during “check-in” there is a wealth of topics that we are able to discuss. For now, we have canned the idea of a distinct monthly topic but will allow the discussion to form organically. We have chosen not to have a discussion leader but all contribute fully as able.

We meet on the first Monday of every month from 1:00- 2:30 PM.

If interested in joining this group, please contact Jean Forrey at to be added to the mailing list and to be notified of the ZOOM link.

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