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Long Island Chapter Committees

Steering Committee Officers

LI Chair Marlene Gerber
            516-487 1979
Vice Chair Lindsey Draves  
Secretary Judy Russ
             631-864 7078

Committee Chairpersons

Membership Services  Carol Levatino   516-449-2542
Community Volunteer Committee Jeanine Briefel

Events and Programs  Joan Ayoub   516 798 0419
  Claudia Cohen

516 750-8425
Communications Team Sue Sham

516 822 8427

Contemporary Social Issues Committee
Annette Kosar   631 543 4110

Committee on Innovation                                       
Sandy Camillo   516-580-5764

TTN/LI needs you.  Please volunteer to participate on one of these important committees.  The responsibilities of the various committees are as follows:

Community Volunteer Committee
The Volunteer Committee encourages TTN members to give back to the community.  The committee works with various community agencies to:

  • Organize events relating to volunteering
  • Keep members apprised of volunteer opportunities
  • Partner with other organizations where appropriate
Communications Team
The Communications Team acts as a liason between Steering and other Committees. The team is comprised of the those working on the newsletter,  social media, and the website.
 Contemporary Social Issues Committee
The purpose of this committee shall be to identify topics and develop programs that educate chapter members on current social issues.

Committee on Innovation
This committee will identify, educate, and work towards the resolution of issues that adversely impact TTN members and their communities.  Initially, the Committee will develop a handbook containing guidelines for members of TTN/LI, as well as take action to make a difference in the lives of women dealing with all forms of discrimination, such as ageism and economic parity.
Membership Committee
Our members are the core of TTN LI and the membership committee offers important support for individual members and special interest groups.  This committee:
  • Personally contacts all new TTN members, as well as women interested in the organization
  • Conducts periodic orientation for new members
  • Conducts Connect Now meetings, which assists members in creating or joining special interest groups
  • Provides guidance and support during the first three months of a new special interest group
  • Acts as liaison and support to special interest group facilitators
  • Promotes communication among special interest groups, sharing ideas and opportunities for collaboration
This committee is a wonderful way to get to know members and help to provide the critical connections that will help TTN and our special interests groups thrive.

Program and Social Events Committee
In addition to looking for great social activities, our members have asked for programs that address a variety of interests and current topics. The committee:
  • Identifies and develops ideas for programs
  • Works to design programs and workshops that share information
  • Stimulate new ideas and conversation among members
  • Researches and contacts potential presenters
  • Arranges program details such as date, location and cost
  • Hosts the event and obtains feedback on the value of the program
This committee offers a great opportunity to share ideas, meet interesting people and bring exciting programs to our members.