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New Special Interest Groups are Forming!  

Do you have an idea or interest you'd like to share with other TTN members? 

To start a new Special Interest Group (SIG), contact SIG Chairperson Ann-Marie Downing to let her know about your interest.  She will be in touch with information on an organizational meeting designed to get the new group off the ground.  At the organizational meeting, members will decide when and where the group will meet, who will be the Lead contact person and any other parameters the group decides on.

Some ideas for new Special Interest Groups may include and are not limited to: city movie group, (day or night time), walking group, travel group, day time book club, city lunch bunch, coffee group, mahjong group, writing group, Ted Talk discussion, opera group, learning to golf, over 70’s group, knitting and craft group, bridge group and other…  Ann-Marie will assist you in finding other members who are also interested.

Career Transitions Group 

We are forming a Career Transitions Group for members exploring a next step, expecting a job change, seeking their next career move, seeking employment, or thinking about entrepreneurial pursuits!  Let us know if you are interested. We will have discussions, share ideas and network and invite experts in career coaching, job search, and more!  

Travel Group

Our Travel Panel event spurred interest in this group!  If you love to travel or dream of traveling, this group will share experiences and info on trips, contacts for travel arrangements and will also explore setting up some solo and group travel opportunities. 


Our Ageism program got a lot of women talking about Ageism, what we experience and what we can do about it. This group will have lively discussions, help members identify our own biases and more.

Knitting Group? 

Do you have an interest in knitting? Whether you are a beginner, want to improve your skills or just love knitting, we have a few members who wish to start a knitting Special Interest Group. Let us know if you'd be interested. This group will likely meet in the evening or on the weekend.  Contact



Mahjong Anyone? 

Looking to learn how to play mahjong?  This is a call for members who are looking for Mahjong partners. No particular group is planned as yet.  We are just polling to see what the interest is. Contact Terra through  Indicate in your email what specifically you are looking for – partner or lessons or both.

All Active members and guests are welcome!  Important: If you have not renewed your annual membership, please renew on line by clicking: Membership Renewal on the webpage. Prospective members and guests of members are always welcome and can attend up to 2 TTN events as a way to get to know our organization before joining TTN at https: