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Join the TTN CHICAGO Ambassador Team!
The Chicago TTN Chapter is enjoying remarkable growth, and with this success also brings challenges. As we grow, we want to continue to be attentive and supportive to all members.
Relationship building is important for us all. Chicago Chapter Ambassadors welcome our new members and are their initial point of contact. They interact via a phone call, email, invitation to an event or SIG (Special Interest Group) - whatever works for them. They are also someone a new member can call with questions and concerns.
Might you be willing to join this initiative? If yes, please send an email to Carien Williams  (Click here)

Ambassador Role Summary
TTN Chicago Ambassadors welcome, orient, and connect new members to TTN and the Chicago chapter activities and members.  Once assigned to a new member, the Ambassador will work with that new member for a period of three months. 
Membership Committee and Ambassadors 
  • The Membership Committee introduces each new TTN member to an Ambassador via a Welcome email and provides contact information. 
  • Ambassadors are requested to provide feedback to the Membership Committee on outcome of outreach to new members.  
Ambassador Responsibilities 
  • Warmly welcome new members and connect them to relevant activities and members.
  • Contact new members to arrange for a meeting, if possible, in person. Occasionally a phone orientation-welcome is used when more convenient for the new member.
  • Find activities particularly geared to new member’s interest to encourage engagement in TTN.  These activities are included in the assignment with current dates.
  • Report back to Membership Committee by email as to outcome of outreach to new members.
  • Advise Membership Committee if unable to solicit a response from any assigned new member.
  • Work with new member for a period of three months. 
Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Experience
  • Enthusiasm and familiarity with TTN.
  • Knowledge of the TTN Chicago Chapter offerings.
  • Stays updated on changing information posted on the chapter website. 
  • Responds to new member assignments promptly.
  • Ensures that Membership Committee is aware of any issues or concerns related to you by the new member, particularly if you cannot resolve them directly.
  • Notifies Membership Committee of periods of time unavailable as Ambassador.


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