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September 26, 2018
Active Aging: An Evening with Author, Joy Loverde

We are thrilled to announce a special event on our Fall calendar - a not-to-miss presentation on Active Aging by Joy Loverde on October 10, 2018 - See Details Below. Joy is a TTN Chicago member and national aging expert. Whether you’re aging solo or wondering how to plan for your next life transition, Active Aging will give you a step by step guide to living the life you want now, and into the future. 
Cost: Guests $35
Current Members $25
(Registration includes Joy’s book Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?, and the Active Aging Worksheet)
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September 25, 2018
October Letter from the Chair

First, a final reminder to join many vital and curious women, and a few men, at the Joy Loverde event on Wednesday, October 10, by registering as soon as possible.  

As I’ve mentioned before, Joy has an illustrious career working with those of us in our third acts and in many instances with those who came through their third act before us.  

Her work and writing reflects the challenges faced in the third act and offers advice to help us achieve Active Aging. And don’t forget, your registration fee includes a copy of Joy’s recent book as well as a copy of her Active Aging Worksheet.

Active Aging is an important topic to reflect upon and prepare for.  We are largely in uncharted territory these days as many of us will live longer than our parents, our aunts and uncles, or anyone we looked up to in our youth.  

Even if you are lucky enough to have living elders in your life – and I mean individuals who are 85 or above, our reactions often run along the lines of ‘see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.’  We humor elders as anecdotal examples of all of the negative stereotypes our culture applies to the very old among us.

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September 25, 2018
Special Interest Group Events

Come join members of the TTN Genealogy Group on October 6th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for Family History Day at the downtown Columbus Main Library for an all day session with national known Genealogist Mark Lowe. The event is free, but registration is required. Contact Virginia Brizendine for more information about the Genealogy Group at

The Movie and Theater Group meets on the last Monday of the month to see a movie or play together. The movie for October can’t be chosen yet, but look for a letter from me about mid October with a suggestion. Please contact Mary Hiland for information on the M&T Group at

Nancy Metzger and Anna Crooks both agreed that Leslie Robinson stole the show in Devil Boys from Beyond at the September 23rd Evolution Theatre Company performance. Leslie recreated a role she played seven years ago as Florence Wexler. An updated dance routine added to the production.

Contact Anna Crooks for more information about the Writers Group at

Contact Roberta Kayne and Maureen Severns about the Wellness Group at and

Is anyone interested in another Special Interest Group? How about Game Night or Game Afternoon? Games could be Bridge, Dominos, Mahjong, Scrabble, etc. or another game, or all four, depending on the interest level. Please contact Mary Hiland at

If you have an idea for a new Special Interest Group, please contact Anna Crooks at

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September 25, 2018
TTN Member Leslie Robinson Turns Playwright

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Mary Todd Lincoln.  Much has been written about Mrs. Lincoln, the widow of President Abraham Lincoln.  AdHoc Productions, co-founded by TTN member Leslie Robinson, continues that legacy with the world premier of Heartless Conduct, a short play written by Leslie.  

Ten years after President Lincoln was assassinated, Mary Todd Lincoln displayed some disturbing behaviors and Robert, her only surviving son, had her committed to an insane asylum.

Because of how Robert went about committing his mother, and because of his unwillingness to help her win her release, in Mary’s words, Robert’s conduct was heartless.  

Heartless Conduct is an imagined encounter between Mary and Robert that takes place in 1876, nine months after Mary has achieved her release from the asylum.

With both mother and son having survived traumatic loss, the vignette explores Mary’s sense of betrayal and Robert’s defense of his actions. Can they bridge the growing chasm of estrangement between them?

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September 25, 2018
September Meeting's Travelogue--a Huge Success

At the September meeting, three of our members each gave a presentation on their vacations. 

Linda Bonini started with her hiking adventure to Umbria, Italy in 2015.  They hiked from four to twelve miles per day:  on trails, through many small towns, across fields and meadows, and up mountains and hillsides. They went before the latest earthquake in 2016, but saw evidence of the previous earthquakes that had hit the region.  She shared photos of her trip, and many were breathtaking. 

Mary Hiland shared her experience at The Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York.She had been three times, because she enjoyed it so much. She explained what the Chautauqua Institution is, and gave us a feel for life while there. 

It seemed to be a slower pace, where people actually talked to each other.  There was frequently a lecture in the afternoon, and then dinner.  But Mary beamed when explaining the entertainment for the evening. It was frequently music, which really spoke to her and carried her away.  It could be classical music, opera, jazz, ballet, chamber music, theatre or whatever. Mary exuded a sense of calm, serenity and pure joy from her experience there. There is an ampitheater where the evening's activities take place. Church services are also held in the ampitheater, daily and on Sundays.

She invited any TTN members who would like to experience it to join her next year for a group vacation.  She provided everyone with a packet with the schedule for 2019, and suggested maybe going the week of July 27 to August 2, 2019.

Each week has a theme, and that week is "What's Funny?  In partnership with the National Comedy Center". Please see the brochure. If you would like a packet of information, Mary has several left. 

Pat Hurley talked about her “great American literary tour” of New England. She went solo most of the way and pointed out some of the advantages of solo travel, e.g., going at her own pace, touring what she pleased, meeting new people, and getting to know herself and her own preferences better. 

Pat’s 9-day tour included 13 authors and illustrators’ homes and museums.  Among them were homes of several strong and interesting women: Emily Dickinson (Amherst, MA), Louisa Mae Alcott (Concord, MA),  Edna St. Vincent Millay (Austerlitz, NY) and, Edith Wharton (Lenox, MA). A real favorite was the new Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, MA. Pat will make her itinerary available to any TTN members who would like to use it for their own literary tour planning. 

This kind of travelogue program was so well received that perhaps we should consider making it an annual event.

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