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In 2020, The Boston Chapter made an important commitment to the advancement of racial justice awareness and education within the organization.  Here are some of the initiatives planned or underway.

The cornerstone and catalyst of these racial justice efforts was the introduction of a Six week workshop to the Chapter in August 2020.  Many participants described this program as “life changing.” The pilot team made the decision to roll out this important workshop within the Chapter and beyond. 

The workshop has been continually modified and improved including the design of a seventh week, the addition of in-class videos, updated materials, a facilitator training manual, and the development of a model for rolling out the workshop in a high quality and consistent manner.  In 10 short months, 23 workshops involving 170 participants and 25 trained facilitators across the organization have participated in the experience.  There have been resounding accolades and long waiting lists.  Read more...
AWARE (Allied Women Acting for Racial Equity)

For the group of Boston “graduates”, the insights gained from the Whiteness Workshop motivated the formation of a project team called AWARE. 

The mission is to advance the goal of racial equity by raising awareness and by supporting members' racial justice activities.  In addition to promoting members continuing education, AWARE members are committed to taking action to make a difference on these issues.

Goals of the group include:
  • Increase the diversity of TTN Boston’s membership.
  • Secure racial justice speakers for TTN Boston’s 2021 speaker series schedule.  Read more...
  • Keep our racial justice momentum going and visible. 
  • Curate information about media and community organizations.  Post online for member access. Link to Facebook
  • Identify needs TTN volunteers could fill in Women of Color organizations.
  • Coordinate a pen pal program for women in prison.  Read more...
  • Develop a workshop on best practices for engaging in difficult conversations.  Read more... 
  • Identify opportunities for giving to benefit organizations of color in local communities.
  • Deepen our understanding of systemic oppression, white dominance and ally ship. Develop a blueprint for becoming an effective ally.
The team is happy to include and expand their membership with additional participants.

The Boston Chapter is actively participating in the National Task Force to define initiatives that are relevant across the entire organization. 
Click here to read more about TTN Initiatives.

Interest stemming from participation in Boston Chapter’s “Unpacking Whiteness” workshops and the TTN Boston Book Club led to the formation of the Social Justice Book Club in Fall 2020.  Members focus on nonfiction books that address race from many perspectives, illuminating the history of racism in the United State and understanding the many facets of racial equity.  Group discussions revolve around topics explored in books such as Caste, Between the World and Me, Thick and Other Essays, Eloquent Rage, and Waking up White.

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