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Responses to Little Happy Things

(Posted October 4, 2021)

By Nancy Gold

Little things do make you happy. There are small found treasures that happen each day. It could be other people, it could be a sensation, a sound. These happy things are little gifts that you are given. You have to be quiet to receive and appreciate them. Here are the responses that I got from you.

MR tells us: 
“I love the sound of birds chirping as I walk along any street in the city. I enjoy watching how happy the pups and dogs are as they are being waked by their owners. Above all I like the lilac trees and their beautiful foliage”.
(MR, I agree with you. The smell of lilacs is simply intoxicating. You feel like the world is full of endless possibilities and there is a whole new fresh season happening right now.)
JD says 
“I am happy to be around friends and family.”
(She is talking about feeling secure and feeling loved. That is truly a blessing.)

SH writes: 
“One of my happy things is sand between my toes at the water’s edge.” (Small insight, SH is lucky enough to live on Cape Cod and there are plenty of beaches on the ocean and on the bay side. I know. I lived there once.)
MB wrote my personal favorite: 
Hearing the mockingbirds wake up in the morning. Hearing the laughter of the little boy next door. Watching the sun set over a lake. Visiting with longtime friends like my college roommate. (That would be me) (Sadly, I did not get to see MB this year. My trip had to be cancelled at the last minute due to health reasons. I do plan to go to that lake and watch the sunset with her and her husband next year. That would be yet another little happy thing.)
Thank you for your responses and please keep them coming. Just email me at and let’s keep this conversation going.

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