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(Posted October 4, 2021)

By Joyce Grossman, 

Why do women join TTN, and what keeps us together, particularly considering a pandemic that has driven so many of us indoors and physically apart for months on end?

TTN wants to know more about what matters to you as we face a changing world on micro and macro levels—at home and at large.  Accordingly, our newsletter is launching a column, “Our Members Tell Us.” Going forward, we will be soliciting your ideas and opinions on topics of general interest.  

Here is a link to a brief survey:

I hope you’ll take a few moments to share your thoughts and provide us with input. If successful, we will develop dialogues as well as a renewed sense of TTN’s role in our lives.     

We know a lot about the history of TTN. The early reasons for being part of TTN still resonate, taking on added importance as we seek to identify creative and safe ways of connecting in person. Now as much as ever, this organization can play a meaningful role in our lives. As a second-year NYC Chapter member who joined right before the Covid crisis hit, I truly look forward to this next phase when Zoom becomes a communications option rather than a personal necessity.   
Members express varied reasons for wanting to participate and enjoy all that TTN has to offer. Says one member: “I appreciate TTN’s emphasis on women age 50-plus as we transition from careers and juggling family demands to new stages of life. “Another says: “TTN programs appeal to women who are pre- and post-retirement, providing diverse ways of networking, learning and socializing.” Others laud the valuable friendships they have made by attending gatherings and sharing committee work and leadership activities. Some extol the “strength” of their local chapters, which enable women to “transform traditional interpretations of what it means to be a female over 50.” For them, TTN serves the needs of intelligent, independent women who embrace change and want new experiences and growth opportunities.  Fulfillment takes myriad forms, and apparently many of us would like to take this journey together, “redirecting our past accomplishments in positive new ways.”

The Caring Collaborative receives accolades and gratitude for being a “supportive community” that looks out for its own, sharing healthcare and wellness advice, helping neighbors and alleviating isolation, whether related to the pandemic, an empty nest, personal loss, or aging.

What are some of the qualities we perceive in our fellow members? Energy. Wisdom. Good humor. Compassion. Resourcefulness and practicality.  

We look forward to hearing from you: learning from you and being responsive to your concerns and interests.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy fall season, with satisfying opportunities and experiences ahead.   

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