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Flu Tips For Fall 2021

(Posted August 26, 2021)

By Barbara Stahura 

The CDC has announced that reduced population immunity due to lack of seasonal flu virus activity since March 2020 could result in an early and possibly severe flu season this year. Here are methods to reduce the likelihood of contracting flu of all types in coming months. 

  • Everyone over the age of six months should plan to be vaccinated against seasonal flu within the next few months.  Appointments are already available at many pharmacies and MD offices.
  • There are two special formulations for patients over 65: Fluzone High Dose Quadrivalent and Fluad Quadrivalent.
  • You can receive seasonal flu vaccine and a third “booster” injection of Covid-19 vaccine at the same time.
  • Ask your primary care provider (PCP) to confirm if you are fully vaccinated against Pneumonia, which is a frequent co-infection of both seasonal flu and Covid-19.

The symptoms of Covid-19 and seasonal flu can be similar, and recent research found that older patients who tested positive for Covid 19 often had vague complaints initially that did not lead to a presumptive Covid-19 diagnosis prior to testing.

If you don’t feel well during flu season, don’t delay in calling or scheduling a video visit with your PCP. The PCP may recommend that you get immediate testing for both seasonal flu and Covid-19, and quarantine until the results are available.

After prompt testing, your PCP may then be able to prescribe Tamiflu to relieve seasonal flu symptoms, or an outpatient infusion of monoclonal antibodies to prevent serious Covid-19 complications. Both treatments MUST be administered early in the course of illness to be effective.

The Delta variant has exponentially increased the likelihood that those who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic can unknowingly transmit Covid-19 to persons in close proximity.
  • Wearing a well-fitting mask throughout flu season, especially indoors, will boost your ability to avoid ingestion of aerosol Covid-19 and seasonal flu molecules.
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