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(Posted July 14, 2021)

Nine TTN women and 3 friends (each boat holds 6 people) planned an excursion on the Minneapolis Water Taxi on one of the 2 rainy days in July- seriously??? The water taxi company only cancels if it is stormy so 4 TTN women and 1 friend decided to brave the elements and were rewarded with clear skies and even some sun as we were parking our cars at Boom Island Park. We had a great time with a little wine and lots of laughs as the captain regaled us with some insights and sights on the river and we had fun getting to know each other better too!  The heron rookery was also a delight! We will be able to reschedule the second boat so no one will lose their $15 booking fee! Everyone agreed it was a special experience to actually be ON the Mississippi vs driving OVER the Mississippi. Afterwards 4 of us ate a delicious dinner at Elsie’s which is right up the street from the park which was also a lot of fun!

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