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In Case You Missed in - June 2021

(Posted July 19, 2021)

By Sally Dougan,


Ranked-Choice Voting in NYC – What You Need to Know - June 7

Our Presenter Amanda Melillo the Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the NYC Campaign Finance Board discussed the history of ranked choice voting, how to complete the ballot, and how votes will be counted.
  •    “It was excellent”. 
  •    “The power point pages were clear and accurate”. 
  •    “The speaker was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed it.”

Author Talk -- The North Atlantic Cities, by Charles Duff – An Explore NYC Event - June 8 

Why do London and New York City have row houses while Paris and Houston do not? Charles Duff explored the world’s row house cities, a remarkable group of cities in four nations, and found that they form an urban family, bound together by architecture, commerce, and politics for more than 400 years. A photo-rich program.

We are lucky to have a recording of this event on TTN’s YouTube Channel:
  •  "The webinar this afternoon was the best one I’ve seen! Beautiful pictures, excellent presentation, the speaker was full of information, really loved his subject, had a wonderful curiosity about his work, a lovely man with a sense of humor. I loved it! Thanks."
  • "This author is a natural born story teller - interesting and informative" 
  • "Fabulous event. So informative and entertaining.”
  • "I learned a few new things."
  • "This event was fabulous! Charles Duff was fabulous! I requested that he do more presentations, as long as I can participate! I've already told friends about it and can't wait to watch the recording! Hopefully the SF chapter will hire him :)"
  •  "Would have liked to see some house floor plans. Excellent speaker."
  • "Looking forward to getting the recording!"
  • "So interesting. Thanks for arranging."
  • "A terrific program by a terrific presenter. Extremely information-filled and enjoyable.”

Springtime Walk in Central Park! - June 9 

At last, an in-person walk in the Park!  What a wonderful way to celebrate getting out and about!
  •   "Had a wonderful and informative walk"

Zoom Cafe: Thinking about when you can get on a plane again? Where’s the First place you will go?  -  June 10 

As is typical for these Zoom Café sessions, a congenial conversation about travels past and plans for future. Some amount of caution about diving back into full travel mode, but some plans included -- day trips, much-awaited family get togethers, Bar Mitzvahs in Ohio, Cape Cod. Not a lot of plane travel yet.

Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie: The Women Pioneers of NPR (National Public Radio) - June 29

NYC Chapter Member Betty Rauch moderates interview with author Lisa Napoli on her new book, Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie. “The Founding Mothers” of NPR (National Public Radio)
A wonderful walk-through with Betty Rauch about Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie, interviewing author Nina Napoli, as well as one of the “Founding Mothers”, Linda Wertheimer, Senior National Correspondent for NPR.  50 years ago, FM was pretty new and mostly associated with music; NPR was absolutely new -- and a news station. Among the reasons that there was not automatically a huge male competition for commentator jobs was that the pay was so dismal. Starting as a production assistant (the usual route) proved a good path to proving oneself and rising in the ranks – and to great heights in the cases of these four who fought sexism, covered decades of American news, and whose voices defined NPR:  Susan Stamberg, Linda Wertheimer, Nina Totenberg and Cokie Roberts.
  • "This was a fascinating hour, and Betty Rauch made it an enjoyable and informative conversation with two brilliant women."
  • "Lisa Napoli, a lovely author who perked my interest, and of course hearing from Linda Wertheimer was a coup. Betty Rauch provided a skilled set of inquiries and added some fun personal history. This was a very worthwhile hour."
  • "Excellent event!”
  • "An informative, pleasant event. Another example of what women of our generation had to go through to break into higher level positions in corporate America!"
  • "The event was excellent. I participated in another event on this book, and it didn't even compare to the TTN event. Bravo!"
  • "Fabulous"
  • "I thought Betty did an excellent job of interviewing. I only wish we could have heard more about the Women!" 
  • "It was very informative. The speakers were lovely"

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