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20 Little Happy Things

(Posted July 19, 2021)

By Nancy Gold


  1. Hydrangeas, particularly pink lace cap ones. Very happy that the 4 cuttings I took and rooted last spring are about to bloom. A sense of beauty and accomplishment.
  2. Mis-matched earrings from Betsy Johnson – totally silly and delightfully idiosyncratic. You have to smile and wonder why no one notices that the earrings are mismatched! This is your inside joke.
  3. Pink, anything pink.
  4. Feeling happy that the knitting pattern you are using is working out. May be a bit big but better too big than too small.
  5. Waking up, weighing yourself and seeing that you lost 5 pounds (which you wanted to do) and now only have 10 more to go to be pre covid.
  6. Early morning sun. The world is still fresh and everything just smells wonderful.
  7. Staying in touch with out of town people. Just a quick email or text to keep in touch. Brightens your day and theirs too.
  8. Laughing, laughing at anything and at any time.
  9. Taking a book out of the library, loving the language and the story. You can’t wait to finish your chores so that you can read and then you are sad/happy when the book is done.
  10. Clean laundry, the smell and the delight to find out that all the stains came out.
  11. Highwaisted pants and highwaisted shorts. All in fashion now. No more uncomfortable waist bands hitting all the wrong places.
  12. Going on a special tour of Riverside Park when your friend has organized the whole thing. Good company, fresh air and nice people!
  13. Traveling on a train to visit your old college roommate.
  14. An adventure and a new destination!
  15. Going to the gym and only 7 other people are there. No waiting for the machine.
  16. Following a new recipe and actually enjoying the results. OK, maybe a little more parmesan cheese next time.
  17. Walking in Central Park, Riverside Park, down Broadway, wherever and running into old friends, old acquaintances. People remembering you. We are just happy to be seeing one another again.
  18. Wearing new comfortable shoes that are supposedly good for your arches.
  19. Finding a tie dye blouse (in pinkish orange) that actually looks good on you. Got to keep that wardrobe current.
  20. Getting outside.  Enjoy the weather. Remember, you are not dancing alone. There are people out there who like you!
Now it is your turn to tell me what makes you happy, what makes you smile.Share your thoughts! Continue the conversation.
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