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Wellness Wednesday: Finding Joy and Contentment

(Posted March 31, 2021)

On March 31, TTN member Mary White gave an excellent presentation on Finding Joy and Contentment. We learned that joy and contentment are innate qualities which do not have to be learned. In stressful times or anytime, they are just one thought away. In times of panic or chaos, just do the next thing. Try not to overthink, or control/fix too much. Peace is always available. Awareness and acknowledgement of this helps. As does a focus on breathing in the moment. May we all feel more carefree, blissful, unfettered, curious, creative, open, spacious, grounded, loved, calm, free, connected, and in the flow and in the moment. Thank You, Mary!

Material from, 20:38:57 September 16, 2021.
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