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Get Connected March

(Posted March 22, 2021)

On March 22, eleven women gathered for our March Get Connected event. After a group check-in where we each shared how things were going in our new, hopefully soon to become fully vaccinated, world we launched into our topic for the evening: What is the favorite place you have visited in Minnesota or Wisconsin? There seemed to be a tie between our love of the North Shore and of driving along the Mississippi River toward Lake Pepin on either the Wisconsin or Minnesota side of the river. Other places mentioned were Paoli Wisconsin, New Ulm Minnesota (with a special shout out to the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame located there) and biking along the Root River in SE Minnesota. We now have many great ideas of places to go once we are vaccinated and feeling a bit more adventurous.

Material from, 21:20:35 September 16, 2021.
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