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TTN & Food Bank for New York City

(Posted February 26, 2021)

TTN-NYC chapter members have donated over $7,000.00 to the Food Bank For NYC, in just the past month. The need continues. Please consider making a donation now.

TTN is a caring community attuned to the needs of many people during this time of pandemic-related challenges, especially the problem of food insecurity. Families throughout the New York metropolitan area have been hard hit; especially vulnerable are children and the elderly.  

Accordingly, the Steering Committee the TTN-NYC Chapter has made a $1,000 contribution from TTN-NYC to the Food Bank for New York City, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing emergency food assistance to local families in need. The Food Bank for NYC has a three-star rating from Charity Navigator and is known for its responsiveness in underserved communities where hunger has become widespread.  

Recognizing the urgency and importance of this cause, we invite each of our members to make a personal or, if applicable, a corporate donation that will supplement our NYC Chapter $7,000.00 contribution. 

Online giving to the Food Bank for New York City is accessible through this link:   
Or send a check with a note that your contribution is part of the TTN-NYC drive:
Food Bank For New York City
Attn: Gift Processing
PO Box 470
Hartsdale, NY 10530

Thank you for considering our request and joining with TTN-NYC to help our neighbors. Together, our family can make a difference. 


TTN-NYC Steering Committee

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