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Books for Beechcroft Kids Partnership & Charity

(Posted December 9, 2020)




Each year TTN Central Ohio picks a charity during the Holiday Season and collects donations, either funds or items. This year, our planning committee chose “Books for Beechcroft High School Kids.”  You can help make dreams come true by donating to buy books for the kids at Beechcroft.
In June 2020, Antonia Mulvihill, who teaches English at Beechcroft High School, in the Columbus School District, made a presentation to Central Ohio TTN about her teaching methods and teaching English at Beechcroft. 
Our members who attended were so impressed and inspired by Antonia’s presentation, that they decided to make Books for Beechcroft Kids our charity for December.
Antonia’s quest is to “be the kind of teacher whom every kid wishes he had, the kind who makes you fall in love with learning.” She buys books for her students out of her own money because she believes “every student should have a chance to be great, to be educated, to explore what’s possible in the world beyond their teenage lives….”. 
Antonia’s English classes are much more than basic reading and writing, and she wants her students to understand the value of exemplary contemporary authors.  She would love to have a set of books available for each of her English class students and has identified the three books below as having the potential for delivering the kind of personal growth she is dedicated to providing for her students.  These books are not available from the school and most of her students cannot afford to buy them independently.
With your donation, sent to Mary Greenlee, who will order the books and take them to Antonia, you can contribute to this important gift.  Once she receives the books, Antonia will package and distribute the books to her students to take home and read.

To be a sponsor please send a check to Mary Greenlee, 878 Blind Brook Drive, Columbus, 43235 or Send by Paypal:  (Include name listing preferences)

$10.00  for 1 Book    
$20.00 for 2  Books  

$30.00 for 3 books

Please note if you would like to have your name as a sponsor in the Book Plate and how you want your name to appear.

Deadline to be included in the sponsorship gift:  January 1, 2021

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