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(Posted December 3, 2020)


Did we ever think that in 2020, ready to celebrate The Transition Network’s 20th year, we would have our lives interrupted and come to a halt because of a pandemic? With all that is going on in the world around us, we never saw that one coming. I recently met with Christine Millen, one of our co-founders, who reminded me that TTN was originally formed for women who had reached a crossroad in their personal and professional lives and wanted to use their time and skills to do something purposeful and uniquely their own. We TTNers are all now reaping the benefits of that inspiration and motivation with our Caring Collaborative, SIGs, TPGs, WIT workshops and varied programs and events. 

But Christine thought that now could be an exciting new beginning for TTN. That during and after the COVID19 crisis on the long road back to a new kind of normalcy, there will be some novel opportunities for TTN to meet our members where they are and to feed into the greater purpose of who we are! 

What are the personal pursuits and passions you started your transition with? Were you setting new goals for yourself and feeding your passions? This period of isolation has provided time to reflect on those. 

This is why your chapter is launching a new signature program where we can continue to connect and support each other but also serve as a bridge and facilitator as we redefine our purpose and actions in light of the changed world we will reinhabit together.

It’s called the Service Collaborative. Sound familiar? It will follow the same format and process of our Caring Collaborative and eventually be automated. With its several components, we think there will be something for all our chapter members to like. Here’s how it works.
The Service Collaborative consists of:
1) TTNers At Your Service
Maybe you want to learn a new skill, like blogging, knitting, yoga. Or teach one, like money management, nutrition basics, art collecting. Return to or take up painting or writing. Study a new language. Become more civic-minded. Take up meditation. Earn a doctorate degree. Uncover your ancestry. Volunteer your expertise. Find a partner. Travel the world. End world hunger. The list is endless!

We can help each other begin or return to the path that rewards and fulfills us by simply reaching out. And it’s likely that those outside TTN will feel the benefits we provide as well. We do that by making our personal pursuits and skills and expertise known through an online directory and match up system supplemented with programs and workshops.
2) TTNers On The Job
Or maybe you still want to use and advance your professional skills to grow your company or start a new one. Mentor younger women and each other. Become a consultant. Join the non-profit world. Make and sell your own jewelry or art. Earn a MBA. Open an online store. Become a freelancer.

TTN can help with a Members Business Directory, a jobs listing and the skills directory where members can ask and offer support and find ways to collaborate on projects, go into business together or get advice and insight for their next step. And with our partner, NY Women In Business, we can provide valuable and relevant programming for those wanting to further their business acumen.
The first step is to populate that member skills and expertise directory. So please help us by clicking the link below and completing a short questionnaire.
Click Here for TTN's Questionnaire

This information will be used inside our chapter to build the basis of the Service Collaboration. With this basic information we can begin to develop this new signature program and find our place in the world again after the pandemic. Stay well and safe foremost.

Warm regards,
MaryLou Floyd
Chair, New York City Chapter

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