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Wellness Wednesday

(Posted October 28, 2020)

On October 28, the new Wellness Wednesdays program started with a lively session on balance and preventing falls. Facilitated beautifully by Kathleen Peterson, the thirteen women in attendance covered a huge range of relevant topics, speaking from sometimes painful experience of past falls, both inside and outside and with many great suggestions for prevention of falls and improving balance overall.
Awareness of conditions and paying attention to our surroundings can go a long way in preventing falls. Staying alert to icy conditions, uneven ground, and unexpected objects outside and taking care with clothing choices, stairs, rugs, and clutter inside. 
After these risk factors were addressed, the group offered a huge number of suggestions and resources, ranging from classes to improve balance (yoga, tai chi, Pilates), to specific products (nanospikes, yaktrax) for walking on snow and ice, strength and flexibility exercises, to the role of overall health in reducing fall risk (hydration, posture, vitamin D) and learning how to ‘fall softly’. Most importantly, be mindful and aware to stay safe!

Material from, 18:17:25 April 14, 2021.
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