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Legacy Writing Workshop

(Posted July 20, 2020)

Karen West, a fellow member of TTN, shared her skills in legacy writing via Zoom workshops for two evenings. She is a teacher of conscious aging and sage-ing with legacy writing part of her training by her mentor, Rachael Freed, who has written several books on legacy writing.

Legacy writing takes on an expanded role and multiple purposes, beyond the financial and material items of a will which happens upon death. What stories, teachings, and blessings do you want to pass on now while living? What do you want to be remembered for or maybe words of wisdom to impart? How many times do we have reasons for putting off saying our words and/or telling our stories to those we love and have meaning in our lives. It is not narrative writing of events but the undercurrents and pulse of the life we have led. Our lives have “meaning” and sometimes putting pen to paper and getting our mind organized, we become more aware of influences in our lives and how we influenced others. Karen taught us the structure and techniques to use for legacy writing. We practiced our new skills and shared with each other. We all felt deeper connections as we took peeks into each others life and shared a piece of it. There are some tricks with writing as when feeling stuck. Try starting in the middle and not worry about the proper linear structure as having to start “at the beginning”. Life isn’t so linear either. I surprised myself in realizing, I have more stories to tell than I thought. In fact, the group collectively felt the value of legacy writing which may lead to the birth of a new SIG.

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