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April 20 Virtual Meeting: You Said What?! Learning to Communicate Across Generations

(Posted March 22, 2020)

These days, we’re likely to interact with several other generations on a daily basis. Traditionalists (born before 1945) and Baby Boomers (1946-64) are in everyday contact with Gen X (1965 to 1980), Gen Y “Millennials” (1981 to 1995) and Gen Z (1996 to 2012).

The challenge is that each generation has its own history and speaks its own language. Add that to the influence of texting and social media, and we struggle at times to speak the same language. 

Our April 20 speaker, communications expert Lillian Zarzar, facilitated an interactive program to help us communicate better across generational lines. 

Lillian is the owner and founder of The Zarzar Group and consults with businesses and individuals on interpersonal communication and teaches communications courses as an adjunct professor at Ohio University. 

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