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Contemporary Social Issues (CSI)

February 4, 2019

RUN! If there is an active shooter, immediately get out if you can. 98% of the killers act alone and are male. That means wherever you hear gun shots, run in the opposite direction. If you cannot help someone who is wounded, tell them you are sending help.  HIDE! If you can’t get out, barricade yourself in a room – a locked door is 100% effective in stopping a shooter from reaching you. They want fast, easy targets. Turn off your cell phone so you don’t give away your location. FIGHT! Grab a fire extinguisher and if you have to defend yourself, pull the pin and spray it in the shooter’s face. It will blind him and create a temporary screen. When the police arrive, their first mission is to subdue the killer and then take care of the wounded. Exit the building with your hands up and visible. Put any objects away so it is not mistaken for a weapon.

Officer Larmour stressed: 1) Believe you will survive 2) Doing nothing is not an option – killers spray the floor with bullets 3) Predetermine multiple evacuation routes all the time.


     Officer Larmour also spoke about the more common everyday situations we may face and how best to handle them to stay safe. She urged us to always trust our instincts – a woman’s gut is never wrong. If someone makes you uncomfortable, leave the situation for a safe, well-lit area. Do not be “nice” and answer an unsolicited question from someone who approaches you; criminals often work in pairs, one person distracts you and the other person steals your wallet. Tragedy can strike anywhere. It is critical to always know where the exits are everywhere you go--malls, movies, houses of worship and stores.  


            Home safety is also critical. NEVER open the door for a stranger. Ask for ID if someone rings the bell and tell them you are calling to check that they are legitimate. If they are not, they will be gone by the time you return. Lock doors all the time. Do not leave hidden keys outside. When you are shopping, look confident and stay in well-lit areas and never get into a car with a mugger. If they threaten to harm you, start screaming and try to escape. Do not risk your life over a pocketbook.


            Officer Larmour’s presentation was empowering. We are not victims, but we always need to be aware and vigilant.