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Caring Collaborative Member Do’s and Don’ts

(Posted September 14, 2020)

By Victoria Weill-Hagai




Ask for help

All in-person help is temporarily on hold until a Covid-19 vaccine is available. 
Ask your health-related questions of MIX
To get answers from 400 CC members
When you’re feeling lonely, ask for a friendly phone call.
A little flummoxed over how to order food online, need help join a webinar or video  conference call but don’t know where to begin or Perhaps you’d just like someone to talk to? 

CC has temporarily expanding the Member Information Request (MIX).

Email the CC Coordinator at and she’ll email you back with a connection to someone who is happy to help!

Volunteer to help

To share your experience of doctors and health-related issues

Make a friendly call to another member when requested.

Protect your own time and space

Give no more than you are comfortable giving.

Join a CC Neighborhood Group

To get help from someone you know and who lives near you
To find a “Health Buddy” to exchange help in an emergency, or to check up on each other

To discuss health-related topics

Go to the CC web pages for lots of other health and wellness resources

Read manuals prepared by CC members

Access Senior resources from our legislative leaders
Learn more about CC

Contact the CC coordinator to access 400
CC members for help and information

Assume CC members will know to give you help if you don’t ask 
Blab to anyone about a CC job you did or heard about in a neighborhood group
Do anything medical, no matter how trivial
Give advice
(but DO share your experience)
Ask a CC member to do anything a friendly neighbor wouldn’t do
Do anything that makes you uncomfortable or is beyond your capacity

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