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Responses to Yoga… You Did What???

(Posted April 1, 2018)

Responses to Yoga… You Did What???

By Nancy Gold

Your responses are in for the “Yoga…..You Did What??” Febuary newsletter article. We got shout outs in the form of “You go, Girl!” so there must have been a lot of agreement that rude behavior does exist not only in the yoga classroom but also in life in general. You have probably figured out that the article was not totally about yoga but more used as an extended metaphor for social interaction.

Getting back to the article, some people responded that they wish others would not wear perfume in class.

Totally understandable. What is a delightful scent to you is a distraction or an unpleasant smell to another. Be considerate and do not wear perfume in a class situation. (I know my hairdresser always asks her clients to refrain from using perfume before they come to her as she is allergic!) If you want to wear perfume keep the phrase “mist lightly and mist after class” as your mantra.

Another comment came from a concerned individual. When you come to class, stop talking. This is not Starbucks. It is a yoga class. We are here to listen to the teacher, not to hear about what restaurant you went to last night or the birthday party you are planning. Stay present in this moment. Know where you are and LISTEN to what is going on. The teacher is speaking and you should be quiet. Social exchange is important and should be done in the right place. That place is not yoga class (or the movies, or a lecture or you get the idea.)

As I reflect on the Yoga article and the responses, I see that this article got a good number of opinions from you, the audience, but not as many as past articles ie. Dinner for Three or Plastic Surgery. In past articles, I discussed a situation and asked you for your opinion, In this article, Yoga, I gave a situation and then I gave my answers. Could that be the difference? We want these articles to be thought provoking and we want you to voice your opinions, please…..just like the title of the column says.

Please send an email to and tells us what you think. Remember, Opinions, Please!

Let’s keep the conversation going!

Nancy Gold has held senior level positions in marketing and sales. She retired from Univision Television and and has extensive experience with large corporations, including CBS TV, and has handled their advertising needs and new business development. Nancy is a former Caring Collobrative Co-Chair and has been a TTN member for over 4 years.


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