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3 Ways to take full advantage of your Caring Collaborative Membership

(Posted March 1, 2018)

3 Ways to take full advantage of your Caring Collaborative Membership 

Barbara Stahura and Shawndra Card-Grant
The goal of the Caring Collaborative is to promote healthy independence by assisting each other during periods of temporary disability, building friendships, and promoting mutual assistance among members. You may be one of the more than 360 current members of TTN’s NYC Chapter who have attended a Caring Collaborative Orientation, but are you an active CC member?

There are many benefits to membership. Just read below.

Upper Eastside 2 Neighborhood Group  

 Use MIX - the Member Information Exchange

 Are you looking for a new primary care doctor, dentist, podiatrist, physical therapist or have been advised by your doctor to see a specialist? CC members can contact the CC Coordinator to distribute a MIX request on your behalf. Our Coordinator will send an anonymous email blast to all CC members, and then forward the responses to you, or send you a list of practitioners already on file.

You can also use a MIX Request to connect with other CC members who have personal experience with your condition or diagnosis.  Just send an email to our CC Coordinator, who will send an email blast with your inquiry to CC’ers. A list of CC members interested in sharing their experiences will be sent to you along with their contact information.
Recent topics that resulted in many CC member responses include: Female Primary Care Physicians; Audiologists; Orthopedic specialists; and Psychotherapists who accept Medicare. 

If you have questions about MIX Requests or would like to submit a MIX Request, email the CC Coordinator.

 Join a Caring Collaborative Neighborhood Group

Neighborhood Groups build lasting friendships and promote mutual assistance among members. If you would like to meet other members of the Caring Collaborative who live or work near you, send an email to our CC Coordinator. A member of our Caring Collaborative Council will refer you to a group that meets in your preferred area. We currently have four evening groups on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, three evening groups on the Mid & Upper Eastside, three afternoon groups - Upper Eastside, East Midtown, and Downtown, and an evening group Downtown. There is also an evening group in Brooklyn, and an afternoon group in Queens.

 Utilize the Member-to-Member Assistance Service

If you would like someone to accompany you to a scheduled doctor visit or pick you up after a procedure, and do not have a fellow Neighborhood Group member or other Caring Collaborative friend available, you can use our Member to Member service.
To submit a request email our CC Coordinator at least a week in advance of the appointment, when possible. She will send an email blast to all members of the Caring Collaborative within two business days, and forward you the email from the first responder. Once you and the responding CC member speak about details and confirm the arrangement, you will notify the CC Coordinator. If the first responder does not work out, the CC Coordinator will forward the second responder’s information to you, and stay in touch until your service request has a CC member “match.”


Barbara Stahura was a healthcare executive at academic medical centers and physician practice management consulting firms. Part of the Caring Collaborative leadership since 2014, she is currently its Chair. She is also active in the Explore NYC Committee and many culture SIGs.


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