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Annual Chapter Holiday Celebration at Rod's in Morristown

January 7, 2018

                                                              On a bright, sunny day, we met new friends and re-connected with other TTN members as we celebrated the holiday season.

After an introduction by Ann Freedman, a discussion by Rosemary Byrne  centered around the various programs planned for the upcoming year.

We then proceeded to do an"ice breaker" led by Carla Loffredo so that members could share a personal fact about themselves. TTN Members shared stories of brushes with celebrities, law enforcement and Mother Nature. Others described unusual performances and creative abilities. But, the common theme was the involvement in volunteerism from an early stage in their lives. This desire continues as there is a high interest among members to give back to the community and aligned to our Volunteer Program Seminar on February 17th.

We also celebrated the departing steering committee member, Susan Lily, who is moving to Maryland to begin another chapter in her life. We thanked her for her dedication and commitment to our chapter.