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Response to Plastic Surgery... or NOT!

(Posted January 31, 2018)

Response to Plastic Surgery... or NOT!

By Nancy Gold

Thank you Thank you Thank you, all.  We got excellent, quality responses, a rare sharing of very personal information. Not only did you give your opinion on plastic surgery, you shared with us what you had done, how many times you had it done, what to think about, what doctors to use and how the results of plastic surgery made you feel. This is exactly what we were looking for so again, thank you for sharing.

WARNING: this article is going to be long because there is just so much important information to give.

Here are the results:

Sherry (who has allowed me to use her name) writes that “what makes us look better, makes us feel better.” The BIG question is that we need to do things for the right reasons. Sherry had Botox on her forehead for the past couple of years to treat those deep creases between her eyebrows that had made her feel terrible about her face. (We all know how we can obsess about a certain area of our body). She has it done every 4 months or so and loves the way it smooths her brow.

Sherry has also had eyelift surgery a year ago for medical reasons. The muscles in her eyes were not able to open the lids making it difficult to see. Both of these “simple” procedures were cheaper than a facelift.

Sherry’s summation: If you decide to do plastic surgery do it “not to look younger but to look better in MY opinion, not your opinion….and to me that is the best reason…. My Opinion.” You have to love that sentiment!

E.E. told how her mom was a true “1940-1960’s blonde glamour girl” who chose to age gracefully without any lifts or fillers. At every step of her life she was comfortable in her own skin, “as is”.  E.E.shares “I, on the other hand, who came of age in the youth quake 1960s, no matter how hard I tried to embrace my mother’s example was not as accepting of the aging process.” E.E. gave in and had “the blue plate special at 59.”

Here in bullet form are the matters you need to cover. Consider it your due diligence to read this carefully and act on the list before committing.
  • Why are you having the procedure and what exactly do you want to accomplish?
  • What is the surgeon's experience performing EACH procedure? Be wary of a jack of all trades. Most specialize – lifts, eyes, nose, breasts, etc.
  • Has the surgeon ever been sued? Sanctioned? What do the reviews say?
  • Choose a board certified plastic surgeon with hospital admission privileges. It matters.
  • What insurance company covers their malpractice insurance? In what amount?
  • DO NOT SIGN OFF TO GIVE PERMISSION TO ANY ONE except the actual surgeon who may work on you. No staff, no salespeople, etc.
  • Ask about realistic recovery times.
  • Ask and understand about the risks – ALL risks.
  • Do not feel pressured to have any procedures that you are not comfortable with.
E.E. cautions: No matter how impressive the surgeon’s book may appear, there is no guarantee your procedure will be equal to the photos shown. Two people can have identical surgeries and produce two different outcomes.

Now we move on to J.’s story. She was a child performer and showroom model at the age of 16 and for 40+ years made her career in the fashion business. At 17 she got her nose done, at 40 her eyes done and at 50 her face. Here is her list of her procedures: eye cosmetic surgery, face lift, mini lift, teeth laminated, silicone injections in face, Botox every 4-5 months, major liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, under bra back muscle tightening, lasik eye surgery and minimal fillers. J. does not find fillers natural looking.

J. advises whatever you do, do it for yourself. Find a highly recommended doctor or two and go for a consultation. Cost $300 +/-. “My best advice is to do it before it really shows. If you wait too long the change will be more dramatic and noticeable.” Better that your friends should say you look rested. Do not wait because things do not generally get better.
 Now we go back to words of caution on particular procedures from E.E.
  • Lasers and chemical peels are NOT necessarily sound procedures for everyone. Side effects can include enlarged pores, pigmentation damage and in some cases, thinning of the dermis which causes more wrinkles. E. E did not like them. 
  • Fillers – too much makes one look swollen and puffy.
  • Botox – too much makes one’s face look frozen
  • If considering a lift, the most effective surgery is called the deep plan lift. It involves the muscle being included which avoids the stretched, pulled scary effect. It also lasts longer.
  •  Caution – the lipo on my cheeks damaged a nerve causing my upper lip to drop. Permanent damage. I regret having the lipo on my face.
  • Healing time – everyone is different. One person can be very swollen for 6 weeks, somewhat swollen for 6 months. Same surgery, different person was good to go in a week.
E.E.’s bottomline: The difference was not that big. Everything held “up” for the first five years but now it’s as if I never had surgery. Would she go through the experience again? Probably not. She will keep doing the eleven lines on her face and the sad clown lines. “If my life experience shows up on my face in the years to come, I’m going to wear it with pride. At least that is my intended plan.”

Here is another opinion from R.T. I am going to quote her in full. “Embrace the wisdom you hold in the lines on your face, folds of your body, and gray in your hair. Be proud of yourself as you are, and you will model that aging can be as graceful and lovely as nature intends.”

I am hopeful that all this rare sharing of very personal information has helped you make your decision. If you would like to move ahead, please write to me at and I will ask our writers if they would be willing to share the names of their doctors. Many, many thanks to the fabulous ladies who contributed their thoughts and advice….found nowhere else!

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