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Happy Valentine’s Day: Finding Love After 60

(Posted January 31, 2018)

Happy Valentine’s Day:
Finding Love After 60

 By Harriet Walley

 “We love each other and want to be together, and have made the commitment to stay together until death parts us,” said Karen Kanter about her partner Stan Tobin. Although each had been married and divorced before, it didn’t deter either one from seeking another partner to enjoy life with.

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Karen and Stan met on  over 15 years ago when they had both just turned 60. From the beginning, they enjoyed going places together - to films, theater, museums and trying new restaurants.
Originally New Yorkers, the couple now live in Philadelphia.  Karen, a retired middle-school teacher, has belonged to TTN since 2003, starting out in NYC and transferring to the Philadelphia chapter when she relocated.  In addition to the four SIGs she belongs to, she devotes time to her writing and is now working on a book called Aging Disgracefully, about a woman going through several transitions.  Stan, an accountant, maintains a small tax business, and keeps up his monthly meetings with a men’s group he founded after saying that he wished there was a TTN for men.
Between them, they have five children and five grandchildren and spend a lot of time traveling to visit everyone. Their most recent trip was to England to visit one of her daughters. They now co-own their condo, and she has his power of attorney and health care proxy as he has hers.
They are a couple in all the loving and caring ways.  The only thing different is there is no marriage license.

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