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DID YOU MISS THESE??? – January 2018

(Posted January 29, 2018)

DID YOU MISS THESE??? – January 2018

(Keep an eye on upcoming events e-blasts, etc, so you won’t miss special TTN-NYC gatherings!)

By Sally Dougan


Whoa! Did you really miss this??? Dear, dear!
“THE” festive event of January had to be the TTN Annual Holiday Luncheon on January 17. It was a fabulous afternoon in a private room at the delightful Restaurant Rue 57.  A record number of TTNers attended and celebrated -- and made merry as only our members can!

It was a most convivial gathering with everyone catching up with old friends and making new ones during the afternoon. Wine flowed and the food and atmosphere were excellent.  As an added attraction we were entertained by the terrific singer, Randie Levine-Miller, who is Special Events Producer for The Three Tomatoes, a long-time TTN Partner group. Wow! A super festive and congenial celebratory TTN Event!!!

You won’t want to miss the Annual Summer Luncheon!


THE NYC TTN SURVEY  -- January 17

Make your voices heard. The Time is Now!
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It’s time to take our new Member Survey.  Join your 650 fellow TTN NYC Members to make sure that your voice is heard about the things that matter to you. You will have a chance to say what you are involved and interested in. (No political issues). It’s fun and quick to do! Do let your voice be heard!



You are really missing out if you skiped the invitation to explore TTN’s signature benefit mentioned in our last TTN Newsletter. If you haven’t yet, please explore this very special and foundational TTN benefit!

Peer Groups are created by and for TTN members to explore issues of mutual interest. These groups meet in informal, interactive settings to explore issues around our many transitions and enable us to discover new connections and opportunities. 
Take advantage of this Signature Benefit of TTN membership.   Learn More 



The Civic Action SIG spearheaded TTN Members’ participation in Saturday’s important second Womens’ March in NYC – part of the national movement to express citizens’ feelings on the major tenets and activities of the current Presidency. Approximately 200,000 people (women, men, children) marched in NYC. The crowds were enthusiastic and invigorated, and just kept coming! They carried a terrific variety of sashes, creative signs and placards. 

OSCAR TIME -- Oh My . . . January 24

 WooHoo! Too bad if you missed this very special and fun evening!  
It was a completely riveting and enjoyable interactive presentation featuring popular Today Show contributor and Turner Classic Movies host, Dave Karger.
Dave told us lots of behind-the-scenes stories of Hollywood’s biggest night, shared nomination film clips, videos of his interviews with numerous stars/actors --  and he declared his predictions for this year’s awards!
Finally, Dave revealed his all-time movie favorites! It was so interesting to hear this “insider’s” take on it all! A truly special evening for us all!



You really must come to a user-friendly Orientation to learn more about this unique TTN signature benefit!  Once again, this introduction to the terrific benefits of TTN’s Caring Collaborative was very successful in showing how this essential of NYC life works for all CCers.
Over 350 TTNers are enthusiastic CC Members, participating in the popular Neighborhood Groups, sharing information with others about particular health issues through the confidential Member Information Exchange, and helping others who need accompanying to doctor's appointments and other services for short-term health issues.


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