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Merry Music Makers

May 17, 2017

On May 17th , Jean Palmer's living room was transformed into a bit of a concert hall with melodies rivaling the best of the songbirds nesting on her portale! 
Fifteen TTN members and their guests arrived eager to make music with their instruments and/or their vocal cords. The group was first treated to classical and folk music performances by a pianist (Jean Palmer), an oboeist (Pat Kushlis), two flutists (modern - Ginnie Asman and Native-American - Kristine Baker), a guitarist (Joanne Davis Jankowitz) and a vocalist (Elie Redfield). 

Music of the Fifties was next on the program as everyone joined in reminiscing good times of the past by singing such favorites as Mr. Sandman, Unforgettable and Seventy-Six Trombones accompanied by piano and all kinds of percussive instruments!