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(Posted March 1, 2017)

                    March  2017

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Feeling Older? Puleeze

Hearing Loss 101

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Health Maintenance Tip - Healthy Dinners

3 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your Caring Collaborative Membership

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March Talking Circle: Life After Loss
March 8th

Online Orientation for New Members

March 10

Want to know why your favorite film didn't win an Oscar or wasn't even nominated this year?
March 16th

Explore NYC Gallery Tour - "Rediscovering Downtown"

March 29th

Caring Collaborative Orientation Session

March 30th
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April Workshop: Life After Loss

Tuesdays, April 4th-May 2nd

April Talking Circle: Retirement
April 6th

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April 20th
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Word Up Long Island Lit Fest

 March 26th
A Caring Collaborative Presentation

Hearing Loss and What We Can Do About It

Thursday, May 25th
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A Message from Our NYC Chapter ChairEileenNote

Hi Members!
Spring is almost here, and with it comes warmer weather, perfect for walking off the remaining few pounds left over from the holidays.

To ensure you walk in comfort, read Amy Epstein's article about her feet.  I too had orthotics prescribed a few years ago, which have made a significant difference in my life.  Along with improving my balance, they enable me to walk farther and faster, and most importantly, pain free!

I also recommend Dr. Ellen Pfeffer Lafargue's very informative article about Hearing Loss.  If it strikes a chord, register for the program Dr. Lafargue will be conducting on May 25th and get all your questions about hearing loss answered!

For a quick reminder of everything the Caring Collaborative (CC) offers and how to request services, see the article by Barbara Stahura and our Coordinator, Shawndra Card-Grant, about taking full advantage of the CC.  If you don't already belong, you can sign up now for the next CC Orientation.

Finally, check out the delicious healthy recipes included below!

I wish you all warmth and sunshine in the coming months, and don't forget to....

Have a Great Day!
Barbara Alpern
Feeling Older? Puleeze. Feeling_Older  
by Amy Epstein

Artwork by Amy Epstein
This is a column about feet.  My feet...and maybe your feet, if you're afflicted with any of a litany of foot problems such as bunions, fallen arches, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis or atrophy of the plantar fat pad.  Of all the places to lose fat, it is simply cruel that it has to be on the soles of our feet... Read More

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Hearing Loss 101 Hearing_101
by  Ellen Pfeffer Lafargue, Au.D., CCC-A,
Co-Director, Shelley and Steven Einhorn Audiology and Communication Centers, Center for Hearing and Communication
We think of our ears as a place to rest our glasses, to adorn with earrings, and oh yes, as receptors of sound.  The ear is actually made up of much more than the visible outer ear and is a complex system of bones, ligaments, fluids and nerves that make up the auditory system.  Any or all of these can sustain damage from a wide variety of causes that can affect your hearing.  Damage to any part of the auditory system causes hearing loss. 

The result of loss of hearing for most people is interference with communication.  People address the communication problems through some combination of use of technology, communication strategies, and coping mechanisms. While hearing loss is not "age-related" per se, as we get older, hearing loss becomes more and more... Read More
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In Case You Missed It:
Caring Collaborative in the Media!  Smile
From Kiplinger's Retirement Report, January 2017
Caregiving Teams Help Friends in Need

By Susan B. Garland, Contributing Editor 

You are booked for outpatient surgery and have no one to drive you home from the hospital. Or even worse, you're facing a prolonged serious illness, and  you need a lot more help than a friend or relative can provide. 

Perhaps you can turn to a relatively new model of caregiving: a network of volunteers who join forces to lend you a Read More 

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Health Maintenance: 
Deliciously Healthy Dinners 

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Click below for some wonderful recipes provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute that are both healthy and delicious... Read More

Here are just a few examples
  • Grilled tuna with chickpea and spinach salad
  • Stir-fried orange beef
  • Baked red snapper with zesty tomato sauce

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3 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your Caring Collaborative Membership CC_Membership  
By Barbara Stahura and Shawndra Card-Grant

Caring Collaborative NYC logoThe goal of the Caring Collaborative (CC), a service offered to members of our TTN chapter, is to preserve and support healthy independence by assisting each other during periods of temporary disability, to build lasting friendships, and to promote mutual assistance among members. You may be one of the more than 330 current members of TTN's NYC Chapter who have attended a Caring Collaborative Orientation, but are you an active CC member? 

There are many benefits to membership. Read More
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 Neighborhood Group NotesNGs  
Neighborhood Groups continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. At our meetings we share and learn from each other about topics that contribute to our well-being. Read what Neighborhood Groups have been talking about and see if there's a topic that would work well for your group, too. Read More
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