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(Posted February 8, 2017)

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New Program for TTN Members over 70

Being Alone

Community within Community 

It's All About Community 

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New Members
Ann Amengual

Gerda Artes

Susan Bari

Roxanne  Eldridge

Susanna Fodor

Janet Gilman

Cheryl Gross

Frances Halper

Aline Hill-Ries

Francoise Marcus

Harriet  Pappenheim

Jill Perel

Maggie Pritikin

Anne Marie Santoro
February TTN Events

Women In Transition Workshop
February 4th 

Online Orientation for New Members

February 10th 

Famous Historical Women of New York

February 16th 

February Talking Circle: Caregiving
February 21st 

Author Event: Janice Nimura -Daughters of the Samurai 

 February 22nd

Caring Collaborative Orientation 

February 22nd 

Member Mingle - FED UP with Winter Already? 

February 27th 
March TTN Events

March Workshop: Caregiving
  February 28th - March 21st 

Paint by Numbers 

March 2nd 

March Talking Circle: Bereavement

March 8th 

Want to know why your favorite film did not win an Oscar or was not nominated this year?
March 16th

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Chapter Chair:
Barbara Alpern

Member Services:  
Linda Paige Levine
Member Enrollment: 
Marticia Moore Madory 

Peer Groups:
Karen Merson 
Rhoda Super
Sandy Merrill
Explore NYC:
Julie Geller
Caring Collaborative:
Barbara Stahura

MaryLou Floyd

Judith Glass  
Betty Rauch
Life Transition Services (LTS): 
Eileen Kobrin

Maria Tardugno
 A letter From the Chair 

 Hi Members, 

Winter often brings or deepens a sense of isolation.  As you'll see from the articles below, isolation comes in all shapes and sizes. 

New Program for TTN Members over 70" describes a group of TTN members who were beginning to feel isolated within TTN and so a community of women formed to combat this isolation.

"Being Alone talks about some fears and concerns that bring many of our members to TTN and the ways in which TTN can help combat them.

"Community within Community" is by a TTN member who has been actively involved in a number of TTN activities she found rewarding, but now needs something more.

And "TTN NYC Impacts the Community" explains how TTN uses a program it created to help members of other organizations and NYC communities to get to know and help each other.

TTN is an association of warm and welcoming women who are here to connect with others.  Reach out to people you meet and invite them for coffee or a meal.  It is likely you'll make a new friend.

Stay warm, dry and safe, and remember t o...

Enjoy Your Day,
Barbara Alpern
New Program for TTN Members over 70
By Mona Kreaden 

One year ago at the memorial service for TTN co-founder Charlotte Frank, several older members came up to me and stated, "TTN doesn't interest us anymore.  We feel we've aged out."

My r eaction was one of great surprise.  If anything, this is the most important transition of all. As Pre- Boomers, we are once more at the leading edge of a new  phase of life.  

Just as there was no road map for us when we looked at retirement in our 50's and 60's (which led to the need for TTN), for those of us in our 70's, 80's & 90's we face the same situation with even more demanding ...  Read More  

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Being AloneBeingAlone  
By Barbara Alpern

There's been a lot of conversation lately about "aging solo."  Some TTN members interpret it as meaning they have no family or close friends they can call upon in an emergency, or when they may not be able to care for themselves without assistance.  

However, there's also another definition that applies to many of our members.

I joined TTN in 2014 after retiring at age 66 from a very demanding and stressful job. I realized that, if I continued to work at that pace until age 70 (when I originally planned to retire), I might not make my 70th birthday.  After I retired, I thought I could be happy staying home, reading, maybe learning to knit, and never interacting with another human being (except the food delivery guys since I don't cook). 

After several months of doing just that, I realized that I needed more.  I have two younger brothers with whom I'm very close, but they both still work and have families. So basically, I was alone. Then I ...   Read More

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Community within Community 
By A Fellow Member

When I first joined TTN in my 60's, I looked forward to meeting new people and finding some friends.  I enjoyed participating in a peer group.  It was one among a number of interests and activities I engaged in.  Eventually, I found that my interests were different from a number of the available peer groups.  I had the energy then to nurture a group devoted to the development of inner life and self-development. I started the Wisdom Circle, a Special Interest Group that met for over 5 years.

When I became ill, I had to move out of the city to find

the support I needed, and I had to drop out of TTN. After some time, my health improved, and I was able to reconnect to TTN activities.  I appreciate and regularly use the Caring Collaborative MIX service for medical referrals.  I often offer information about medical practitioners I had found that were skilled and caring.

Still, as a person with no close family in Manhattan, there is a big gap left... Read More 

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It's All About Community 
By Mimi Grinker

Isolation can affect one's health. It's another area where TTN-NYC has taken the lead in creating the Caring Collaborative and then rolling it out to other communities. 

Living Well Together (LWT) is an effective and cost-efficient model that creates a community of mutual support when health-related issues arise. 

LWT is the community- based version of TTN's Caring Collaborative (CC), which has been flourishing within the Transition Network for nearly a decade. Both projects, the CC and LWT, consist of a Service Corps, an Information Exchange, and community building through Neighborhood...  Read More
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Around TTN Town Around-TTN_Town

Thank You For Participating!

Thank you to all the members, guests and friends of TTN who participated in the Women's March, by marching with TTN or attending a TTN viewing a party.

How Is Your Transition Going?

2017 TTN  will host a year-long schedule of different Talking Circles and Workshops led by professional facilitators and coaches. T hese courses are for women exploring new possibilities, or anticipating or experiencing changes in life or work. Check out our February Topics:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 

February Talking Circle: Caregiving 

Care for the Caregiver... it can be a  difficult, extremely emotional & lonely experience. 

Tuesdays, February 28 -  March 21 

Caregiving: In-depth 4-week Workshop 

This workshop will help you develop new attitudes and new tools for caregiving. 

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