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A Time to Volunteer

January 4, 2017

Our topic this month was to identify organizations where we might have an interest in getting involved through volunteering or doing a project as a group. Each member shared their preferred organizations and it was very informative to learn about their preferences such as the Charity Navigator,, Southern Poverty Law Center, 10 Gifts for Empowering Women, Literact, Inc., 2nd Chance Rescue, NY, Global Fund for Women, Shelter our Pets, Bergen Reads, UJA, Eva's Village; Meals on Wheels, Northern NJ Alzheimer's Association, Goodwill with Amazon Prime, Center for Hope and Safety, to name a few.
                                Attendees included: Gwynne McConkey, Marilyn Shuffler, Gloria Rubin, Judy Glick, Carla Loffredo, Cynthia Crosson, Joan Prince, Dale Swisher, Lanie Gastman, Cheryl Katzman and Allyson Powers-Johnson.
We agreed that we would identify three projects to do in 2017. To quote Dale Swisher: “If you wait till you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody”