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(Posted January 9, 2017)

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Birth of Civic Action SIG at NYC Chapter

Getting Involved: Interview with Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal

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Women's March on NYC

Saturday, January 21st l et's march together as a TTN Group-  Women's March on NYC!
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January Events

Online Orientation for New Members
January 13th 

January Talking Circle: Appearances Aside 

January 18th 

Organize My Home and My Life! 

January 19th 

PotLuck Dinner
January 24th
More TTN Events

Women In Transition Workshop
February 4 

Famous Historical Women of New York

February 16th 

February Talking Circle: Caregiving
February 21st 

Author Event: Janice Nimura -Daughters of the Samurai 

 February 22nd
Co-Sponsored by TTN
The Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit 

February 4th 

Over 20 Experts in Health, Money, Fitness, Love, Life,and Careers, will Motivate and Inspire Us.
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JBFCS- Budget Watchers: Technology and Your Finances
January 26th

Harriet Walley
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Barbara Alpern

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Marticia Moore Madory 

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Eileen Kobrin

Maria Tardugno
 A letter From the Chair 

 Hi Members, 

We're facing some interesting times in this country and it is clear that many of you are frustrated and eager to take action.  This newsletter offers you some options.
A word of caution - TTN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is thus limited in the types of political actions it can support. However, as individual women who happen to be members of TTN, we can support anything we want. Thus, we've formed a Civic Action Special Interest Group made up of TTN women who want to make an impact either individually or as a group. While I think all TTNers support women's rights and non-discrimination of all types, this SIG reflects the views of only the individual women who belong to it.
I urge every NYC Chapter member to follow her heart and do whatever she needs in order to sleep at night.

We CAN make a difference!    And don't forget to...

Enjoy Your Day,
Barbara Alpern
Birth of Civic Action SIG at NYC Chapter
Marticia Moore Madory
Members reported feeling anxious, nervous, and helpless. There were complaints of sleepless nights, backaches, and difficulty in concentr ating.  The 2016 presidential campaign was impossible to  ignore -- even for members of the NYC Chapter who preferred to discuss topics like art, cultural events, and common health problems.  

As the November 8th election drew near, some members felt increasing pressure to "DO SOMETHING". 

There were already two news-oriented discussion Special Interest Groups (SIGs),  but this was a different phenomenon. Members didn't want to just talk; they wanted to...    Read More 

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Getting Involved:  Interview with Councilwoman Helen RosenthalHelen_R  
By Betty Rauch

Helen Rosenthal, a very effective Council Member, was elected in 2013 to represent the 6th City Council district. Wh en   we spoke she remembered having previously addressed TTN members and was all the more interested in sharing the most effective way for TTNers to get involved in civic action.
In talking about how people could be more engaged in the politic al process, Rosenthal commented how "New Yorkers take issues very seriously. They want to be engaged an d find ways to effect change. 

After the election, so many people came into my office asking 'What can I do?'"   Read More
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How Is Your Transition Going?
2017 TTN will host a year-long schedule of different Talking Circles and Workshops led by professional facilitators and coaches. These courses are for women exploring new possibilities, or anticipating or experiencing changes in life or work.

Wednesday, January 18th 

January Talking Circle: Appearances Aside... 

Saturday, February 4th 

Women In Transition Workshop - a TTN Signature Program 

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