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National Park Ranger Tour at Great Falls in Paterson

June 24, 2015

Dale Swisher, Cheryl Katzman and Carla Loffredo toured the Great Falls with Ilyse, a national park ranger, who gave a detailed history of the Great Falls and Alexander Hamilton’s role in establishing a manufacturing center in this historic city.
            We then visited the Paterson Museum, where the history of Great Falls was presented followed by a lunch at Libby’s, a restaurant whose roots date  to 1936.
  The Great Falls/S.U.M. National Historic Landmark district is a 118-acre industrial historic site located in Paterson, New Jersey. Located just 12 miles west of New York City, it is home to the largest and best example of early manufacturing mills in the United States. It contains 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century waterpower remnants, including a three-tiered water raceway system. At the district's core is the natural landmark Great Falls, the second-largest waterfall by volume east of the Mississippi. The 77-foot tall falls, engineered raceways and mills form an irreplaceable and unique complex. It has been described as America's first systematic attempt to develop extensive waterpower for manufacturing purposes.