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A visit to Howling Woods Farm by NJWIT

May 9, 2015

Howling Woods Farm, located in Jackson, NJ, is a 501(c)(3) animal shelter that rescues and places domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds. 
We arrived at 11am and had tour of the premises and learned about wolves and their habits. We were able to meet the youngest members of the farm and had the opportunity to be upfront and personal with many of the “residents” Enjoy the pictures and visit the Farm. It is well worth the trip. 

                           Howling Woods Farm Mission Statement: Rescue and place abandoned or surrendered wolfdogs. (We do not breed nor do we encourage it). Provide education about wolf and wolfdog facts and myths. Place each canine in an environment appropriate to its temperament and content. Animals can go to homes, farms, sanctuaries or other destinations. Maintain high standards for all placements, including spacious, secure outdoor containment, presence of canine companions and any necessary licensing. Provide education and information to general public, governmental officials, and shelter operators for the ultimate benefit of lupines: wolves and wolfdogs. For further information , visit