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NJWIT Group at Eva's Village

(Posted February 4, 2015)

Who is Eva’s Village? “Eva's Village is a uniquely progressive and comprehensive non-profit social service organization in Paterson, NJ dedicated to fighting homelessness and poverty. Every day, the staff, board of directors, and volunteers of Eva's Village are hard at work helping troubled people find dignity and the path to a fulfilling, productive life. We work to end hunger, homelessness, addiction and despair one person and one family at a time. We help our clients to achieve good health, stability and employment, build a bank account and afford decent housing. In accomplishing this, we heal families, help to establish safe and stable homes for children and create better communities in the state of New Jersey.” If you are interested in volunteering, please use the following link for information.

The TTN volunteers included Gwynne McConkey, Lanie Gastman, Marilyn Shuffler, Cynthia Crosson, Joan Knauer, Cheryl  Katzman and Carla Loffredo.

     First, we helped set the tables for the 200-300 expected guests. Some of us did the plating – preparing the dishes that included, fish, vegetables and rice while the rest served the meals and coffee. Afterwards, we helped plate 80 more dishes for guests who arrived after the lunch hour.
It was a very rewarding experience which we plan to continue to do in the coming months.


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