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70-Plus? Come Find Your "TTN Tribe"

September 4, 2014

I sailed through 69, and as the year went by I thought a great deal about why turning 70 tends to throw women into a tailspin. Determined to not let that happen to me, I took extra-good care of myself, de-cluttered my wardrobe and got rid of other "stuff" I no longer needed, and adjusted my attitude. Now, at 71, I can say that it has been a process of acceptance, growth, and transition.
Talking with other women about the phenomenon of turning 70, I've heard concerns about aging and declining health, longevity, feeling more vulnerable, not being as connected to adult children who have their own lives and families, no longer feeling needed, and not feeling as attractive as we deal with the physical changes that come with aging. But by re-focusing on "who" we are at this life stage, our inner and outer beauty, how much wisdom we have to share, and how much life there is to live, we can change our perspective and live life more fully.
What does it really mean to be 70 and older? How can we move through this transition and live full, creative, healthy, and satisfying
Last spring four women got together to talk about being in our 70s. We had a great time laughing, sharing, and validating each other's experience. Out of that grew the 70 and Forward Special Interest Group (SIG), now five women strong and growing. Based on how we're living our lives, we all agree that our 70 is not our mothers' 70! We are role models for how to continue to grow and learn in our 70s, 80s, and forward. Although we don't get to choose some of what happens to us as we age, we can choose how we respond to life's challenges.
Whether you're just approaching 70 or well over the hump and would like to meet a group of vibrant, vital, interesting women, consider joining 70 and Forward. It has always been true that women grow in connection to other women. This is an opportunity to connect with women who are dealing with similar issues, to have a sounding board, share challenges, opportunities, and wisdom...and to laugh, learn, and rejoice in life. 
We welcome other TTN members who are on similar paths.
For more information on the 70 and Forward SIG, email: or contact Roberta Taylor.
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Roberta Taylor, RNCS, M.Ed., is a board-certified coach, author, and speaker. She chairs the TTN Boston steering committee.The year before the "biggie" has always been more difficult for me than the actual decade marker of 30, 40, 50, or 60. Maybe having the time in between helped prepare me for that next decade. But 70 was somehow different.