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How It All Came About

January 23, 2014

It was 2007, at the first Positive Aging Conference, when I first heard about The Transition Network. I happened to be seated next to Mona Kreaden, a founding member of TTN, who described an organization that welcomed and supported women and helped them connect, socialize, and grow. I thought, “We need this in Boston.” But I already was juggling too much and not able to pick up the ball.

Four years later my path crossed with Betsy Werley, at the time Executive Director of The Transition Network. Betsy reintroduced me to TTN and to Mary Klein, one of the leaders of TTN’s Philadelphia chapter.
With Betsy and Mary’s encouragement, support, and guidance, the seeds of Boston TTN were sown. In November 2012, Gail Ellis and Susan Crown signed up for the ride, and together, the three of us committed to starting a Boston TTN chapter.
By April 2013 we had a small but active steering committee, and we continue to be a work in progress. MeetUps and social events have helped spread the message of TTN and offer opportunities for women to come together, learn, and share. In October 2013, we officially became a chapter and have been growing since. TTN Boston currently has more than 100 members, and we have launched three Peer Groups. We sometimes feel like we can hardly keep up with ourselves. A great deal of learning, teamwork, and fun has come with the many challenges of getting the chapter up and running.
Several exciting events are being planned through June, including our February 6 event at WGBH’s Brighton studios with Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton (see She’s Making Masterpiece). We are fortunate to be in an area where there are many amazing women who appreciate the mission of TTN and who are generous in sharing their experience, expertise, and wisdom.
With a small but hard-working steering committee sharing roles and responsibilities, we are on the road to creating the vital chapter we envision—one that fosters connection as we navigate and grow through transition and throughout life. But we need help to make this happen, so we hope you’ll explore the opportunities described in this newsletter and get involved. Whether you have lots of time on your hands or only a bit, you can help move TTN Boston forward. It does take a village!
TTN Boston Chair Roberta Taylor, RNCS, M.Ed., is a board-certified coach, author, and speaker