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Suzanne Braun Levine Helps Launch New Jersey North/Central Chapter

April 20, 2013

Suzanne Braun Levine, TNN Advisory Board Member and award-winning author and speaker, helped launch the TTN-New Jersey’s North /Central chapter with an inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking talk, “You Gotta Have Girlfriends: A Post-Fifty Posse Is Good for Your Health.”

Suzanne, the chapter’s first featured speaker, focused her luncheon talk in Montclair on how meaningful friendships can lead to a richer and less stressful life. Her e-book - with the same title – was published just days before the event. It is an affirmation of the power of female friendship in the second half of life. Suzanne’s insights sparked many energetic conversations, about current friendships and those of decades ago, around the luncheon tables.

For women 50 and above, it’s a time when we can become more authentic, take risks and let our curiosity take us where it will. It’s a second chance to become who we are. And of ten, that happens through friends, those who will stand up with us, for us – and yes, to us, as close friends feel comfortable doing, Suzanne said during her talk.

Lunch organizers: Left to right: Ann Freedman, Pam Brownstein,
Karen Lombardo, and Barbara Bressler.

Women sometimes spend so much time anticipating what other people think and trying to make others happy that they lose sight of who they are or what they want, Suzanne noted in her trademark blend of anecdotes, observations and research.

“It’s almost impossible to move forward on your own,” she said, which is where friendships come in. And one way of making those friendships, she said, is through TTN’s peer groups.

This stage in life is the time to make friends for who we are, not necessarily someone who knows us as a work colleague, a neighbor or a parent. Her best advice – a suggestion in keeping with her book and her talk -- “Be friendly to ourselves.”

Suzanne is the author of numerous books in addition to You Gotta Have Girlfriends, including Inventing the Rest of Our Lives, Fifty is the New Fifty and How We Love Now: Women Talk About Intimacy After Fifty. In addition to serving as the first editor of Ms. Magazine, Suzanne was editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, produced the Peabody Award-winning documentary, She’s Nobody’s Baby: American Women in the 20th Century. She blogs for Huff/Post50, AARP, Next Avenue and Vibrant Nation.