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Engaging in Life and Staying Positive in the Time of Coronavirus

(Posted April 1, 2020)

Programs is all about self-discovery and personal growth experiences.  Let me share a few highlights of what our members have learned from TTN Philadelphia Program offerings over the past year, and how you can jump in and join.   We are planning to offer a few programs via ZOOM in the near future. 

  • From the TTN Women in Transition Workshop, we learn that “Change” is what’s happening on the outside (i.e. the Coronavirus).  “Transition” is the inner process through which people come to terms with a change.  We’re all in Transition now, in a place of uncertainty, in The Neutral Zone.  Take advantage of the creativity and discovery that can occur at this time.  We’re planning to offer this Workshop in Fall 2020.  Great for new members and anyone experiencing a difficult life transition.  Get a better understand of the Transition Model here.
  • From the TTN On Resilience Workshop, we discovered that “resiliency is the capacity to prepare for, recover from, adapt to, learn from and transform effectively from the stress of adversity”. You too can take the free VIA Character Strengths Survey to discover your personal traits ranking and how to increase your resilience by playing to your strengths.   
  • If you’re in need of “A Shot of Resilience” about now, our very own TTN Member Jan Zacharjasz is offering a free live weekly ZOOM session to talk about resilience and tips for nourishing yours now.  The first session is Wednesday April 1st at 12:00PM.  Register Here.
  • From Carolyn Walter’s compassionate session on “Restoring Your Life After Loss”, we learned about the 6th stage of grieving recently introduced by David Kessler.  Kessler felt there has to be something beyond the five stages of grief, and he named this 6th Stage “Finding Meaning”, where true healing often resides.  Workshop participants read this Article for a better understanding.
  • From the Joy Loverde session on “What’s in Your Active Aging Toolkit”, a small Conversation Circle has been meeting monthly to focus on important chapters from Joy’s book “Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old”.  In January, we spent time on Chapter 3 “Think Like a Strategist: Mastering Critical Thinking”.  During this self-isolation period, consider doing something more than cleaning out your closets.  How about prioritizing and tackling organizing all your important documents?  Dig out your books, ladies, and look at pg. 34-35 for a list of papers and documents you need to organize, store and share.  This task is so important that if you send an email to, I’ll send you the list!  
We’re a vibrant community of smart, active, curious, accomplished women over 50.   TTN is here for you and we’ll be stronger than ever when this time of Coronavirus has ended.   In the meantime, be kind, stay optimistic, be engaged and active virtually with other TTN members.  And stay on the path of self-discovery and personal growth.  Share your reservoir of life wisdom welling up inside with others. 

Marsha Yankelev
Programs Committee Chair

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