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(Posted April 1, 2020)

In our current SIG circumstances our mission is taxed but I am heartened not only by the willingness but the creative resolve members have already been displaying in keeping our connections during this period of social isolation.

Food groups are sharing recipes thru emails and having virtual potlucks, book clubs are having their meetings via ZOOM.  Movie groups are sharing group emails with agreed upon movies to watch alone on Netflix and then discussing in virtual meetings. The stitching group is ZOOMing and stitching together.  Of course we do not need to worry about the wine groups still enjoying wine! They are ZOOMing with their wines of choice in hand. SIGs are not only ZOOMing and face-to-face(ing) on iPhones but taking the time to teach each other these skills. We are finding free online resources of classes in our areas of interest and taking chances by exploring new areas of interest online.  Our collective strong spirit shines.

 We are doing all this in the first month of isolation!  I am sure even more ways of staying connected will emerge in the coming weeks.  In future sig news I will be sharing more of these specifics.  Perhaps we will likely find that some of our adaptatIons will continue to best serve us as we continue forward into the future. It surely is a time to treasure the past and embrace the new.

 In our 'newly forming' section if you are interested I am still taking names!   I will be hosting organizational meetings but in an unconventional (for us) manner .  More specific information on that will be forthcoming .  But signing up now is something to look forward to on your near-future calendar!  Also, I chose not to add any new additional 'newly forming' at this time. However, look for those new additions in some near-future newsletters.

We also have SIGs on our SIG webpage that are currently looking for new members. I do want to draw your attention to a couple of the sigs that are open for joining.  Maybe one of them is a good fit for you!  Right now we are all most likely reading more than we usually can manage.   One SIG, Art of the Book is bound to please.  They read all kinds of different genres with the one caveat that the topic pertain to art.  How easy is that for our chapter!!!  Another SIG actively looking for members is Third Tuesday Dinner Adventures. Contact the lead of this SIG if you believe you will be ready for some dinners out in a restaurant! We all will be!!  It sure will be an adventure enjoyed by all after this hiatus.  When you take a look and consider our SIG offerings for yourself, you are practicing a positive and hopeful attitude of our near future.
During this time of social upheaval and pandemic crisis we look at our institutions for stability and direction.  Though of course our chapter is not a formal institution of our society, we do serve an important purpose for our membership.  The SIGs specifically are charged with not only fostering social interaction but developing and widening our caring circle in innovative, non-traditional and inspiring ways.  This pandemic forces all of us to discover and explore new, effective, (and for us, fun) ways to connect.  And we have risen to the challenge!  

Be safe, be well and lead by example in social distancing.

Sally Mazzarella
Chair, Special Interest Groups

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