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Peer Groups: Staying Connected

(Posted April 1, 2020)

On our website there is a document that speaks to “What is a Peer Group”.  Those of us in groups or helping to form groups know there are certain key words that come to mind when you think about a peer group. Words like connectivity, trust, friendship, caring, mutually supportive exploration, and the list continues… For all of us the question arises, ‘How can we keep all of this together in this time of social distancing. And how can we be there for each other with the rapidly changing news and the multi-faceted reactions we are having in response to it.
Our first thought was how to stay connected.  The PGAC reached out to the liaison from every group.  At first, we asked them to contact their members to give it some thought.  Then as the situation devolved, we knew that our recommendation was that face to face meetings could not be supported. But we could not lose what we have. We reached out to ask the liaisons if they were comfortable learning Zoom to maintain connections.  Every one of them said yes.  Later this week we will have a training and make sure that every group can have a successful alternative to a face to face meeting. And we will contact the three new groups that were about to start to see if they are interested in starting as virtual groups.
We have one ask of our groups. As you meet and explore the unchartered waters we are facing get back to us with the questions and topics that work as we all search for and deal with the new normal. Let’s share within and among our groups as we all try to see our way through to that new normal. Topics, resources, ideas  can be sent via your partner or directly to Barbara and me,, Stay safe but be there for each other, now more than ever.

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