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Special Interest and Transition Peer Groups

June 4, 2020



Please contact Ann Fox at if you are interested in forming a new Transition Peer Group whether it is creating another geographical women’s group, another Writers Group, or a group, which is completely different. TTN is committed to helping members form additional groups.

Just what is a Transition Peer Group (TPG)? It is a small group of 8-12 women, often geographically oriented, where members explore life-stage related issues. TPGs are unique and different from the above Special Interest Groups. TPGs are intended to be comfortable and trusting environments where the same members gather on a regular basis to discuss what’s important to them, share in ways to live with vitality and wisdom, and provide support to each other. For many of our members, TPGs are like a home base, and for some, it is their initial experience with TTN. 

Writers Group

The Writers Group is meeting once a month via Zoom. 

Fact Gatherers Group

Contact Mary Greenlee at for the next meeting date.

East Side Women’s Group

Please contact Donna Owen at for the next meeting date. 

Wellness Group:

We are looking for ideas and suggestions for Wellness Group events.  Please send any suggestions to .

Sleuthin' Genies Genealogy Group:

Contact Karen Linnenkohl for more about the "Sleuthin' Genies" Genealogy Group at

Movie & Theater Group:

Movie Night is on break until further notice due to COVID-19.  For more information contact Mary Hiland.

Welcome New Members!

If you are a new member and would like to introduce yourself through the Newsletter, please contact Mary Hiland at