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Lifelong Learning: Fordham's College at 60

January 13, 2020

By Debbi Honorof

As I begin my third year of retirement, a major goal continues to be lifelong learning. Online classes are great, but there is nothing like an in-person class. 
As I searched for possible classes, a suggestion from a fellow TTN member led me to a unique program at Fordham University called “College at 60.” Unlike other programs where seniors attend classes with undergrads, College at 60 classes are exclusively for students aged 60 and above. The classes take place at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus at Columbus Avenue and 60th Street (hence the double meaning of the program name). 

The program offers a wide array of classes in the liberal arts: history, literature, current events, law, art, music, film, religion, and more. The classes are offered during the fall and spring semesters. The classes are weekly and last two hours in either the morning or early afternoon on Mondays through Thursdays. 

The class I just completed focused on 19th Century European History and rarely have I enjoyed a class as much. My professor was knowledgeable and engaging, and encouraged questions, comments and discussion. We were there because we wanted to learn and some students were clearly versed in history or related fields, which added depth to the class discussions.

The College at 60 spring semester begins on February 3 and runs through the first week of May. Spring offerings include Studies in Philosophy: Existentialism; Religion and Culture: The Torah and Prophets of Ancient Israel; The Evolution of the U.S. Constitution; Creative Writing: Inside the Museums; and Issues in Psychology: Voices of Women. I will be taking the next course in European History, which focuses on World War I. Due to the popularity of the program, some classes may already be closed out.

Participation in the program entitles students to additional privileges, including an afternoon lecture series, and use of the cafeteria, library and bookstore. 
To enroll in Fordham at 60, you must call to schedule a short intake interview.

For more information, visit or call 212-636-6372.

See you in class!