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TTN's Short List - January 2020

January 13, 2020

By Susan Nieder Acunto, &  Karen Gens

The 2020 'resolve' is to do more, see more, eat more in the fabulous city playground that we call home. The 'plan' is to take it as it comes, to stay curious and to have FUN! 

Some suggestions:



On a drizzly just-into-the-new year-day nothing beats a good cuppa tea! Make your way down to this teeny tiny tea house run by the man about town, Waris Ahuluwalia, for a foray into all things herbalist oriented. Select a soothing botanical beverage from choices that include ginger kombucha, nitro matcha and golden milk. Though it's a yummy place, it is only 150 square feet!
House of Waris Botanicals, 463 W. 24th St.  
***WOM (Word of Mouth)


Groupmuse assumes the position that sharing music with friends in real life (take that, online!) is a new and exciting way to roll. Monthly events in the NYC area happen in someone's living room, maybe even yours? A small sum lets you enjoy classical music featuring passionate, young artists. So, step up - the party is just getting started!
*WOM - Livia Yanowicz, Upper Westside CC


Shaking things up across the pond isn't all about Boris Johnson. The new Vagina Museum is now open to visitors with its first exhibit: Muff Busters - Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them. This Mew's mission is more about education than titillation and ironically it sits atop a shop that sells cuddly toys.  Can you believe it's the first brick & mortar museum about anatomy?
*WOM: (Word of Mouth)


Guess what, we've now a center for everything....including one that speaks directly to the haters. Established in 2018 by the Bard Lifetime Learning Institute the Center for the Study of Hate's website states: “Hatred has always been part of the human condition, it is too little understood, but is a matter of increasing global urgency. The long-term goal is for BCSH to address for anyone—students, scholars, NGOs, and others—who want to understand this vexing question better, including what works best to control or curtail it.”
* The News Group SIG

TTN TIP: Check their calendar for 2020 public programs that are timely, informative, and compelling. 


A newly retired TTN-er recently returned from her gift-to-self incredible journey to Sri Lanka with the Joyce Theater. With too many "best experiences" to list her plan is to go again to another exciting destination with this top notch travel group that warmly welcomes solo travelers that have an interest not only in dance, but, many other things as well!

* For the Love of Dance SIG


The environs around Lincoln Center often prove challenging for where to enjoy a reasonably priced bite. Enter Leyla, a cozy Mediterranean brasserie located on the ground floor of a small townhouse at 108 West 74th St.

*WOM: (word of mouth)

TTN TIP: You can't go wrong with one of their delish boat shaped flat-breads (pide.) Should you be on your own, you'll also do just fine sitting solo at the small bar area in the front.