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Essex Bus Trip

October 21, 2019

Our first stop was the famed Griswald Inn, which dates back to 1776, where we dined on a deliciouslunch, served so efficiently that we still had time to “Explore” the quaint town of Essex at our leisure. Following lunch and a walk, we were ready for our main activity, the famous steam train and steamboat combination. At the Essex depot, we boarded the vintage steam locomotive, which passed through the Connecticut Valley with its beautiful views of the changing fall foliage. The train deposited our group at the boat dock along the Connecticut River, where we boarded the riverboat and cruised, impressed by the spectacular scenery. At every turn, we “Discoveredevermore beautiful facets of nature in this lovely valley.Finally, our boat returned us to shore for a quick train ride back to the Essex train station, where our bus was waiting (sigh!) to take us back to reality and Long Island. On the ride home, an accident on I-95 unfortunately delayed our return trip, but our hosts on the Program Committee came prepared with multiple snacks and lots of water. The delay gave us quality time to “Connect” with our fellow TTN/LI travelers. There was a lot of chatter, laughter, getting to know one another-all going on all around us as we relived a very special day for many of us in TTN.