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9 Of My Pet Peeves

(Posted July 15, 2019)

By Nancy Gold

Well, I have a lot of pet peeves. I bet you do also. Let’s just take a look at the Top 9 of mine. You get to share yours later. I bet we have a lot of common ones.

1) Sidewalk hogs.

You know the type. The ones who walk down the street, walk right at you and expect you to move for them. Excuse me, but NY sidewalks are just like streets for pedestrians and you are supposed to keep to your right. That means do not walk in the middle, do not walk 3 across, do not walk on the left and please do not walk into me. This includes baby stroller people, bike riders who should be walking their bikes, people who are preoccupied by their phones, people walking dogs on long leashes and you know, the rest of the nincompoops. Our sidewalks are narrow enough as it is, cramped with cafes, tree pits. Let’s not be sidewalk hogs.

2) Loud sirens. 

Really. Are there that many emergencies in NYC? How many people do you know who have just had a heart attack and need immediate help? I bet not that many. Do not get me wrong, I am the lady who yells at people to get out of the way when an ambulance is blocked but I am starting to think that there are just too many sirens. I counted 7 yesterday. Is the fire department rushing to deliver the pizza back hot or is there really a fire? Asking for a friend.

3) People who are late.

You know who they are. The ones who come in late to the concert after every one is settled and proceed to walk in front of you to their seat which is always in the middle of the row. The person who comes in late to yoga class after everyone is chanting and decides to put her yoga mat too close to yours, gets her two blankets by walking around everyone, plops down and is surprised that you give her a withering look. The person who you were supposed to meet for lunch that shows up 30 minutes late because she had to talk to her manicurist/ran into another friend/had to take a phone call.( Let me tell you, that happened twice and there are no more lunches with that friend.) Entitlement is not attractive.

4) People who think that everyone agrees with their opinion.

The person who pontificates as if their opinion is correct and there is no other. And heaven help you if you interrupt them. I am talking about people who serve on condo boards, people who participate in meetings, any kind of meeting. And politics. We are not going to go there but do remember, God gave you one mouth and two ears. Using accordingly. Appreciate differences and do not vilify.

5) Children who scream in public places.

Please understand you may love your children, your grandchildren and we probably think they are quite cute even if we have not met them. That said, please do not let them scream, run around, etc. in public places/supermarkets/clothing stores since the rest of us are not part of your family and we like our environment to be civilized, not a playground. Our tax dollars paid for many playgrounds. Please use them.

6) People who say, “let’s get together for lunch sometime if it is mutually convenient.”

What? What did you just say? If you want to get together with me, great. What day? Where and what time do you want to meet? Please let me know because if you just throw that line out there with no forethought that means to me that you are “fishing” and waiting for me to figure out all the details so that you can see if it fits with your schedule. Let me offer this thought. If you were really serious about getting together with me you would have said “Hey, I know a fun little restaurant on W. 76th street. They have great salads. Would you like to go there on Friday at 1pm because I want to bounce some ideas off your head”? See the difference? You were serious, you had a plan and I was a priority for you. Do not be that unthoughtful, rude half inviter.

7) People who do not respond to emails.

I get it. You probably get a lot of promotional emails, notes about deals on Broadway, from Amazon. Read those and delete, no problem. If you get an email from a real person, a friend who is organizing an event, someone planning a party, respond to them within 24 hours. So most of us did not grow up with email but you have to adapt to change. No one has the time to call and ask you personally so get with the program and be a conscientious person. If you get a second reminder for something, e-gads! Get back immediately. If someone has to call you to get an answer, you are just being an airhead/flake and too much trouble to deal with. Do not be that person.

8) Loud talkers, talking only about yourself, interrupting others, thinking every meeting is all about you (and there are 12 other people in the room).

Wake up to the reality that while your parents probably thought the sun rose out of the top of your head, for the rest of us, the jury is still out. You may be an interesting/brilliant/lovely human being but the rest of us can only take so much of you. We have our own troubles/dramas/interests. Yes, have your moment in the spotlight but then be quiet so the rest of us can talk. If you have a solution or a comment, hold it to the right time and the right time is NEVER when I am telling an anecdote, just for the record. For those of you who like to have loud conversations while you walk your dog in the park, while you ride the bus, while you walk down the street, while you are sun tanning, while you are using the elliptical machine, JUST STOP IT. Know that we are not riveted by the intimate details in your life. LOWER YOUR VOICE and even better, step to the side of where ever and finish your conversation. We want to be in our own moment, thinking our own thoughts and you are just being rude. If the person on the other end of the phone cannot hear you, get a new phone.

9) Bicyclists who act like they own the sidewalks and the roads.

I am not an obstacle to be circumvented. I am walking here, following the traffic signals and not stepping off the curb until I have a green light. You bicyclists need to do the same. Do not block the crosswalk. Do not ride on the sidewalks that are already too crowded and have fragile people walking there. Do not chain your bike so that I cannot enter a store/ walk down the sidewalk. Do not race like mad around Central Park and down Riverside. Get over yourself. If you were that great, you could enter the Grand Prix.
So that is my list. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have your pet peeves to add? Please let us hear them. You will feel better and it may add to some I have forgotten.
Rage on! It will lift your mood!
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