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June 14, 2019

Enhancing the afternoon, the weather god (or, as we prefer, the weather goddess) smiled on the attendees, and many of us took our boas and fringes outside to enjoy the sunshine that descended on us in the early afternoon. Inside, we browsed and shopped among the many vendors who displayed a wide variety of merchandise.  And, of course, we all enjoyed the bountiful and yummy hors d’oeuvres passed by the wait staff, and the wine bar that served cool drinks.  Following the cocktail hour, we were served a full lunch in the dining room.

We sold lots of raffles, giving out prizes, of both cash and merchandise, to the lucky winners.  Of special importance, the raffle sale resulted in our chapter being able to make a donation of $2,325 to a very worthy cause, the Safe Center in Bethpage, which provides services to the victims of domestic and child abuse. One of our Volunteer Committee said, "The gift is especially significant because the center almost had to cancel the Girls’ Retreat this year because of lack of finances."

Thanks are due to the Program Committee, its Co-Chairs, Claudia Cohen and Joan Ayoub, and their entire hard-working committee members, who diligently labored for months to plan and arrange this signature event.